Kiss in stocking

Christmas is coming soon. The lamb still remembers that at Christmas last year, his mother gave him a big red apple and a beautiful picture book, and said to him: “Baby, I wish you peace, health and happiness!”

The lamb walked over in the cabin, walked over, turning over the closet, sometimes the drawer, sometimes under the pillow… it even turned over under the bed.

What is the lamb looking for? It wants to give a Christmas gift to Mother Sheep, but it doesn’t know what to give. Ah, the lamb feels that he has grown up and should give his mother a Christmas present.

What gift should I give to mother?

Pick an apple and give it to mom! No, mother must have an apple.

Buy a silk scarf and give it to mom! No, the money for the silk scarf was earned by my mother.

Let’s make a dinner for mom! No, the lamb hasn’t learned how to cook yet.

What kind of gift do you give your mother?

Little sheep thinks…thinks…thinks…

“I know what to give to mother…” The lamb smiled happily.

On Christmas Day, the mother sheep said to the lamb: “Baby, you have to look for it carefully. Your Christmas gift is hiding and seeking with you.”

The lamb was looking in the cabin… looking… looking… he finally found a Christmas gift: there was a sock in the drawer with a box of paintbrushes in it.

“Ah, that’s great! It’s the brush I want.” Lamb is so happy. Recently, it has become obsessed with painting.

After the lamb put the paintbrush on his desk, he mysteriously said to his mother: “You can also look for it carefully. Your Christmas gift is also hiding with you.”

“Ah, dear baby, do I have a Christmas gift too?” Mother Sheep was surprised and delighted.

“Well, just reminder, your Christmas gifts are also hidden in the stockings.” The little sheep said as he looked at his mother’s pillow.

Mama Sheep pretended to be looking in the house for a while, then came to the bed and removed the pillow: Sure enough, there was a sock. However, Mother Sheep squeezed the socks, there was nothing inside!

Just when the mother sheep was surprised, the little sheep said: “Mom, guess what, what did I put in the socks?”

“Baby, mom can’t guess, you should tell mom.” Mother Sheep didn’t know how to guess, because she felt there was nothing in the socks.

“A kiss, a big kiss, a sweet kiss.” said the lamb.

The mother sheep put the lamb in her arms, with a happy smile on her face

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