Knight riding the moon

Once upon a time there was a king who had the most beautiful and smartest daughter in the world. Princes from other kingdoms came to this kingdom to propose marriage to the princess. The king loved his daughter so much that he let her choose her future partner. At the banquet, the princess refused all the prince’s requests, and she decided to stay with her father.

A prince from a distant country haunted the princess. The princess hated him very much. But the old king thought that the prince was the most sincere and sincere to the princess. He said to his daughter, “My son, my father is old. I don’t want to see you live alone when I leave you.”

The princess understands what the father said, and the father hopes that the princess will marry the prince. But the prince actually wanted to seize the throne. Once the old king died, he could inherit the throne, so that he would have a stronger country.

The princess saw through the prince’s conspiracy and was very worried about his father’s safety and feared that the prince would hurt his father. So she secretly sought out a knight to protect the king. This knight has no horses, no weapons, but has the most determined perseverance and bravest heart in the world. The prince finally took action, and the knight stood at the gate of the palace and wrestled with the assassins who had come to kill the king. The knight finally defeated all the enemies. But the knight was also badly injured. He fell at the gate of the palace.

The princess picked up the knight and took off his helmet. The princess was surprised that this person was not the knight she had found. After the knight was wounded, he quietly left. He sent a letter to the princess, telling the princess that the knight she was looking for to protect the king was a fake and an assassin bought by the prince. After he knew it, he defeated the fake knight.

After reading the letter, the princess ran out to find the knight. But the knight is gone. He has no horses, but he rides the moon. He protects the kind princesses in the world!

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