Lazy bear

The sun has risen high, and the sloth bear hasn’t gotten up yet.

Mother Bear lifted the quilt, patted Dudu’s ass and said, “Dudu, hurry up, get up.”

They all stretched, rubbed their eyes and said, “What are you doing!”

“Grow corn with your dad!” The mother bear was really anxious. The corn in her neighbors had all grown seedlings, but the corn seeds of all the houses were still soaking in the water.

“I’m not going.” They all turned over and still had to sleep.

Mother Bear became angry and said loudly, “What do you eat if you don’t work? Go and ask, I’m afraid they won’t give it!”

“Don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it, I’ll go and ask.” They all kicked off the quilt and shouted.

“Well, let you go and ask for it.” Mother Xiong said to her heart. The child now…

After the mother was so disturbed, Du Du’s sleepiness ran away.

I felt my stomach growl and ran down the mountain.

Ha, luck is really good, White Rabbit’s family is banqueting guests. There were people begging for food in the square, and pigs, puppies and chickens were also there. They all quietly stood on the tail of the team.

Aunt Rabbit brought out a pot of roasted sweet potatoes. Starting from the beginning, each person sent them one by one. When it was all his turn, the roasted sweet potatoes were gone.

I’ve been so hungry all day.

The next day, I all thought, today I can’t stand on my tail anymore, I have to stand on my head, and I will be the first to receive the fragrant roasted sweet potatoes.

Unexpectedly, this time, Aunt Rabbit started sending her hair from her tail.

They are all hungry for another day.

On the third day, they all stood in the middle of the team. It thinks, no matter where it starts to distribute, the middle is indispensable anyway. This is really a foolproof way.

But don’t worry, look, Aunt Rabbit and Uncle Rabbit are here. They each carry a pot, and send them from both ends to the middle at the same time, one for each person and one for each person. When it is all their turn, the two pots of roasted sweet potatoes are all sent out.

They all dragged their limp bodies and had to go home weakly. Seeing his parents sowing corn on the mountain from a long distance, he bowed his head sadly.

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