Little animals vs. dumb bears

There is not even a place to shelter from the rain on the prairie, and the small animals are often caught in the rain. Since the giant mushroom “settled down” on the prairie, the small animals finally have a place to shelter from the rain. Giant mushrooms can not only block rain, but also shade. Small animals sometimes have a meal under the giant mushrooms. Everyone likes this giant mushroom!

One day, the dumb bear walked under the giant mushroom and suddenly had the idea of ​​wanting to eat the giant mushroom. The dumb bear drooled and said, “This mushroom is so big, it must be delicious!”

When the little white rabbit and the big tabby cat heard it, they shouted: “It’s not good! The stupid bear is going to eat the giant mushroom! Come on, everyone!”

At this time, a long-mouthed beast came out of the mud, and it glared hard at the dumb bear, hoping to scare the dumb bear away. But the dumb bear said fiercely: “Go back to the ground!” The Long-mouthed beast was shocked, and had to go back to the ground.

The little squirrel jumped on the back of the dumb bear and grabbed the dumb bear hard and said, “Don’t eat everyone’s mushrooms!” But the dumb bear threw the little squirrel to the ground.

The dumb bear shouted happily: “None of you can stop me!” The little animals were crying in a hurry. At this time, the little hedgehog came, and saw it rolled up like a ball, and rolled straight onto the stupid bear. The stupid bear screamed in pain.

The dumb bear cried and said, “Forgive me! I will never hit the idea of ​​giant mushrooms again.” After speaking, the dumb bear rushed home.

The little animals cheered happily. At this time, the giant mushrooms swayed amidst the laughter of everyone. The little hedgehog saw it and said, “Look, everyone, the giant mushroom is thanking us!”

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