Little Ant Martin’s Winter

In winter, this is the time for the little ants to start living comfortably after finishing the spring, summer and autumn.

No, there is little Ant Martin, he is still busy.

Martin sat at the desk and kept writing on the manuscript with a pen. As he wrote, Martin stopped and stared at the manuscript paper in a daze. Suddenly, Martin became happy and continued to write on the manuscript…

Martin’s behavior aroused the attention and curiosity of many ants.

“Martin is a bit abnormal!” said the first ant.

The second ant continued: “Maybe Martin is writing a book and wants to be a writer!”

The third ant said to the two ants: “Martin has worked so hard, it will exhaust his body! We persuade him, let him rest!”

Three ants came to Martin’s desk.

“Martin, stop writing, take a break!” said the third ant.

The first and second ants asked Martin at the same time: “What are you writing?”

“It’s you! Thank you!” Martin stopped writing, turned around and smiled at the three ants, “I’m writing “The Adventures of Little Ants”!”

The third ant asked Martin: “Why write this?”

Martin replied excitedly: “The President of Grass Publishing House Little White Rabbit asked me to write my own experience into a book, which will be published next spring, so that all the residents of Grass can see it!”

The first ant scratched his head and said, “When does that have to be written?”

The second ant curled his mouth and said, “How many things can you experience? You still want to publish a book!”

“Definitely!” Martin said earnestly, “From spring to summer, from summer to autumn, little frogs and little dragonflies have saved me; I have saved little butterflies and little bees; I have also been small voles and hedgehogs. The cricket has a music party…”

The third ant slapped his hands and said happily: “This is great! I have experienced a lot of things, I tell you, can you write them in your book?”

“Of course!” Martin said happily, “This way, the content will be richer and more interesting!”

The first and second ants thought for a while, and suddenly they rushed to say: “I have it too, and I will tell you too!”

Martin waved the pen in his hand and said happily: “Great, don’t worry, come one by one!”

The third ant said to Martin: “I will find more partners, tell you more interesting experiences, and let you write more and better stories!”

The second and third ants also said, “I will go too!”

Martin looked at the back of the three ants rushing out first, and said to the pen in his hand: “This is good! In spring, I will be able to write the best and thickest book!”

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