Little bear and moon

On a winter night, the white snow against the moon, the moon looks brighter. Little Xiong Mi Mi went to find the moon with her friends, and wanted to say hello to the moon. Along the way, they encountered many difficulties, but they cheered and helped each other, and finally overcame many difficulties. The sincere friendship and warm mutual help make the friendship between Cubs and his friends even better.

Little Bear Mi Mi couldn’t sleep. Shining moonlight came in from the window of his bedroom, bright as if it were daytime.

The snow-covered woods are shining dots of light in the brilliant moonlight, and, yes, the moon is smiling at him!

“Yo, hello, moon!” Little Bear said loudly. Then he rushed out of the house and ran into the shining jungle.

Long-eared Lily is making snow rabbits under the moonlight.

“Hello,” Little Bear Mimi,” Lily greeted him. “Can’t you sleep?”

“Oh, Lily,” said Little Bear, “the moon walks slowly in front of my window, and is smiling at me!”

“I saw it too!” Lily said, “It’s so round tonight, and it’s still smiling. I have to come out and say hello to it.” Lily threw a handful of snow to the little bear Mi Mi and shouted: “Come and catch it. Me.” Then rushed into the woods.

The two of them walked through the woods under the moonlight to an empty meadow covered with snow.

The moon hung high in the sky, walking slowly through the icy grass, leaving a shiny silver path.

“This is the path to the moon!” Cub cried, “Think about it, Lily-we can walk along it all the way to the moon and say hello to it.”

“Xiao Xiong Mi Mi,” a small voice screamed, “Can I go together?”

“Of course you can, Little Mouse.” Little Bear said.

So the three good friends set off along the path of the moon.

“What should we do when we get to the moon’s house?” Lily asked.

“Let’s have some tea,” Little Bear said, “Let’s have some moon snacks and moon juice!”

“Xiao Xiong Mi Mi, what does the moon snack look like?” Mouse asked him.

“Well, it’s round, flat, and silver,” said Little Bear.

“Of course, it’s very sweet.”

“Then let’s go!” The mouse screamed a little.

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