Little bear grows corn

The bear loves corn most. He planed a field, planted corn seeds, and planted a sign in the field that read: “Little bear’s cornfield, no one is allowed to enter!”

The corn sprouted, and an earthworm crawled over, twisting and twisting, trying to loosen the soil. “Stop! No entry!” The furry bear paw almost stepped on the earthworm’s head. The earthworm had to go home.

The corn was yellowish and thin, and the frog croaked over, trying to catch insects from the corn. “Stop! No entry!” The furry bear paw almost stepped on the frog’s head, and the frog had to go home.

The poor corn finally spit out his beard. “Buzzing, buzzing…” Bees and butterflies came, and they wanted to pollinate the corn. “Stop, no entry!” The big furry hand clapped over, and the bees and butterflies flee in fright.

As the days passed, the corn grew taller and taller. There seemed to be corn growing on the tall corn stalks, and the little bear was happy from ear to ear: “I can eat corn!”

Finally it’s the harvest season. The little bear broke the corn, and there was no corn kernel on the bare corn cob. Why?

Little Bear sat at the door of the house, clutching his head for a long time, but didn’t understand. Kid, can you tell him why?

Use your brain

Before the corn on the cob matures, which small animals want to help?

In order to enjoy the corn alone, the selfish little bear did not allow anyone to enter the cornfield he suggested. As a result, he got nothing. He didn’t get corn and lost many friends. Parents should educate their children not to be selfish, otherwise it will be difficult to make friends. Corn is a kind of food with high nutritional value, which contains a variety of vitamins, protein, calcium and so on. Eating more corn is good for our body!

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