Little bird and big tree mother

One day, a few little birds flew back from the north, and the mother of the tree saw it and said, “It’s getting dark soon. Let me stay here today!” The little bird said happily, “Thank you!”

The next day, at dawn, the little bird said to Dashu’s mother: “We are hungry and we are going to find food”, Dashu’s mother said: “Go ahead!”

The little bird returned after eating and drinking, and said to Dashu’s mother, “We want to build a house. Where do you think we can build it?” Dashu’s mother said, “Just build it on my branches!” ”

When the birds heard this, they acted immediately. Within a few days, they built the house. They lay a few eggs and hatched a few small birds. The mother bird and the father bird flew every day to catch them. Feed the bugs to the birds.

After the little bird grew up, he said to the tree mother: “Thank you, you are tall and big, like a big umbrella, which will cover us from the sun when it is sunny and the wind and rain when it rains. You gave it to us. This beautiful home, happy home!”

Mother Dashu smiled and said, “Child, don’t thank you, as long as you like it, just stay with me!”

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