Little fairy who kind of sunshine

Winter is coming, and the little fairy Pipi is shivering from the cold, “Duo Duo-I’m freezing to death, I’m freezing to death!”

If there is a way to plant the sunlight, and then produce a lot of sunlight, wouldn’t it be warmer?

The little fairy Pippi began to study. He collected some sunlight and planted them in ten flowerpots. The soil in the flowerpots was dry, and they were planted for a long time without any results. He collected some sunlight again, planted it, and experimented again and again. He believed he would succeed.

The little monster Toto came to him wearing a big quilt: “Pippi, you don’t want to collect sunlight. There is not much sunlight in winter. You have to experiment repeatedly and waste so much sunlight, and the weather is getting colder.”

“Sorry, I didn’t expect it.” Pippi looked at Toto’s face pale with cold, and stopped the experiment embarrassingly.

However, the little fairy Pippi did not give up his thoughts. He found many scientific books and pondered them carefully.

Summer is here, and Pippi began to collect sunlight to his heart’s content for experimentation, because he used a lot of sunlight and the weather is no longer so hot. Everyone came to thank him, “It’s so cool, so cool. Pippi is an inventor. Thank you, thank you. you”!

Pippi blushed with shame, “No thanks, no thanks, I haven’t succeeded yet.”

Pippi thought, “Maybe the flowerpot is too small, and the soil won’t allow the sun to grow at all, so move the test site to the field.” He dug a lot of big holes in the ground and planted every hole. Sunlight.

Day after day passed, Pippi waited patiently, before the sunshine came out.

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