Little fox eats flatbread

A little fox ran to the window sill to bask in the sun.

The sun warmed the windowsill. The little fox used the fluffy tail as a collar, wrapped it around his neck, stood upright, and ran around on the windowsill with broken steps. Many beads of sweat leaked out of the little fox’s forehead.

“It’s hot!” The little fox said to himself. It wanted to remove the tail from its neck, but it couldn’t remove the tail sticking to its neck. The little fox was anxiously spinning around on the windowsill, shouting: “Help, my tail strangled me!”

I saw a nail, and quickly rolled over to the little fox, raised his pointed, straight legs, touched the little fox, and shouted: “You are not a real fox, you are slimy, like a sugar fox. .”

The little fox does not deny: “I am a sugar fox!”

“Then you can’t bask in the sun. Look, your body is about to melt! If you go on, your nose will collapse, your mouth will collapse, and your legs will become weak. You can’t stand up, your tail It will stick to the body!” The nail lifted up his straight leg and slammed the tip of the tail on the neck of the little fox, and nailed the tip of the tail to the window frame. Nail said: “I have nailed your tail. Turn your body twice to the right, and the tail will come out.”

“Can’t you turn over a few more times?” the little fox asked.

“Two turns are just right. If you turn three times, your tail will become longer.” Nail said.

“Remember!” said the little fox. But as soon as it turned over, it completely forgot what the nails said. It turned over twenty-eight, then flew out from the window sill with a “swish”, and the tip of its tail was still pinned to the window frame. The little fox cried with a “wow”, and the nails standing upright on the spot also swayed, and he was too scared to stand firmly. It turned out that the body of the little fox was gone, all turned into tails.

The nail shook his flat head, and immediately came up with a good idea: “Little fox, turn your head and eat the tail bite by bite into your belly. If I tell you to stop, you just stop!”

“The tail must be ugly!” The little fox turned his head reluctantly. But what else can be done? Only a tail, no body, still like a fox? The little fox licked his tail: “Tsk, my tail is so sweet!” The little fox gulped and ate it, chirp and chirp. The nail yelled: “Stop, stop, don’t eat!” But the little fox didn’t hear it. Who knows if it really didn’t hear it, or because the tail is delicious and he doesn’t want to stop! The little fox ate up its tail in one breath, and even the little sugar crumbs stuck under the nails’ feet, the little fox licked cleanly.

Haha, a bulging belly and a round back, like a chubby ball! Where is the fox? So ugly! The little fox hurriedly rolled to a shady place and sat down on a small stool.

“I don’t want to stand up anymore,” it said sadly.

But how boring to sit on a cold bench! “Woo…” At this time, a cry came from the kitchen. The little fox stood up, walked gently along the wall to the kitchen, and listened carefully. The cry came from the pyre.

“Who is crying here? I have become so ugly, who else is more sad than me?” The little fox circled around the pyre, and it saw two bamboos fighting, and a yellow bamboo “pop” He beat the black-spotted bamboo into two pieces.

“Why are you so fierce?” The little fox criticized Huang Zhupian. The little fox ran to the black-spotted bamboo slice again, touched its wound and asked: “Do you hurt? You were crying just now, right?”

The black-spotted bamboo chip replied indifferently: “Only fools cry! We are all firewood, and we will be stuffed into a large stove to burn in a while. We are still alive now, we have to play happily.”

The little fox got into the pyre and saw a piece of pine wood sleeping, so he woken it up and asked, “Did you cry just now?”

Pinewood swelled his belly and rubbed his wistful eyes and said, “I can’t sleep enough, how can I still have time to cry? I will be burned in a big stove later, and I have to sleep comfortably while I’m still alive. Happy.”

At this time, old Zhugen’s choking voice came: “It’s me, I’m crying here!”

The little fox climbed up to Old Zhugen and asked, “Why are you crying? Who is bullying you?”

“Please take me away!” Old Zhugen said, “I don’t want to be burnt to ashes, I want to grow bamboo!”

The little fox bounced three times on Lao Zhugen’s head. After a while, a long line of mice walked into the pyre. The mice swarmed, lifted the old bamboo roots above their heads, and carried them into the garden.

The little fox dug a deep hole near the wall, buried the roots of the old bamboo, and piled a thick layer of soil.

Early in the morning, the little fox climbed to the top of Old Zhugen’s head and blew a whistle. The gentle spring breeze floated over from outside the mountain and circled the old Zhugen.

Chun Yu also heard the whistle of the little fox, and quietly fell from the distant horizon to moisturize the old bamboo roots. Look, there was a crack in the ground, two golden bamboo shoots drilled out, and two tender yellow leaves opened. Two bamboo shoots were bathed in the warm sunlight, and their bodies were covered with crystal dew, reflecting the colorful light. Two bamboo shoots grew up quickly, and the little fox helped them take off their golden windbreakers and encouraged them to change into emerald green gowns. It didn’t take long for them to become bamboos, standing upright against the garden wall.

The little fox held two bamboos, looked up, and exclaimed in surprise: “A crimson big pie is hanging on the bamboo shoots! Bamboo, throw the big pie down and let me taste it.”

“This… not easy to handle.” The young bamboos shook their heads, “You should climb up and get it yourself!”

The little fox climbed to the bamboo shoots in one breath and got into the clouds with a “swish”.

The little fox raised its four short legs high, chased after the crimson pie, and kicked the pie. The flatbread was not afraid of pain, and did not say anything. The little fox jumped up again and held the pie in his arms. “Ah, it’s hot!” This flatbread must have just escaped from the pot. The little fox held the pie above his head, planning to let the wind cool it down before eating it. The little fox walked from the bamboo shoots to the edge of the mountain for most of the day. He touched the pie, hey, why is the pie still hot? But the little fox’s legs were sore and his stomach was hungry. He planned to eat the pie regardless of whether it was hot or not.

Where to eat first? Let’s eat the big pie mouth first! No, after eating its mouth, can the flatbread speak? Eat its nose. No, the flatbread can’t smell without a nose. The eyes that eat it are even worse. Without the eyes, you can’t see. Then eat its ears, but where can the sound be heard without ears?

“Which part of me are you going to eat?” Dabing smiled happily, “I’m afraid you won’t be able to make up your mind for a while. Or, just live in the sky and think about it!”

“It’s lonely to stay in the sky, I have nothing to do!” The little fox scratched his head.

“Be a naughty fairy!” Dabing said.

“Are naughty gods ugly?” the little fox asked.

“No, it’s named Tang, it’s very sweet.” Dabing replied.

“Bread, are you sweet?”

“I don’t call Dabing, my last name is Hong, and my name is Red Sun. I am very hot.” Dabing smiled.

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