Little fox watching the sea

The little fox listened to the eagles traveling around the world saying that the sunrise on the beach was beautiful. He would like to visit with friends. But who are you going with? Little fox thinks about it, even a good friend can’t think of it. The little fox feels lonely to be a bad person because he has no friends. Therefore, he wanted to reform and be a good boy.

The little fox held flowers and came to the little bird’s house: “Little bird, I’m sorry. I’ve stolen your things before. Now, make friends with me! I have become better!”

The bird saw that it was a fox, and hid in the closet in shock. “I’m afraid! You go quickly, or I will call the police!” “Believe me! I’m really better!” The little bird rushed out of the house and yelled on top of the fox’s head: “You liar! Get out of here!”

The little fox walked forward dejectedly and came to the door of the little squirrel’s house. He rushed into the room and said, “Little Squirrel, make friends with me! I won’t bully you anymore! Really!”

The little squirrel heard the fox’s voice and hurriedly shouted: “Don’t come in! You bad fox! I won’t believe you anymore!” After speaking, he locked all the boxes at home.

The little fox was extremely disappointed. He was about to go home when he suddenly saw a little rooster coming across. He said to the little rooster: “Little rooster, make friends with me!” When the little rooster saw the fox, he yelled in terror, “Go! Otherwise, I’ll hit you!” After that, he picked it up. A branch.

The little fox suddenly burst into tears: “None of you believe me or make friends with me. Wow…”

The little rooster took a closer look and found that the fox’s expression was very sincere, not like a pretend. So he said: “Do you really want to make friends with me?” “It’s true. I really want a friend to accompany me to see the sea!”

“Okay! Let’s go see the sea!”


The little rooster and little fox set off. Tired, rest on the grass for a while; thirsty, drink some mountain spring water; it’s raining, find a cave to hide… The little cock is hungry, so the little fox will catch him a grasshopper; the little cock is sleepy, little The fox carried him on his back… they were not afraid of hard work, and they climbed over the mountains and finally reached the sea.

The sea is so beautiful! Flocks of seabirds fly freely in the sky. In the azure water, fishes were playing and swimming towards them. They sat on the beach and watched the sunrise and sunset. They talked and laughed, sang and danced, so happy!

The little fox thought: It’s great to be a good boy! It’s nice to have friends!

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