Little frog in a red vest

Summer is here, and the clear and bright lake is full of round lotus leaves and pink lotus.

There was a little frog, she changed from a little tadpole to a little frog, and she was wearing a green dress.

Little frogs have been able to catch mosquitoes since they were young. People often see her jumping on the round lotus leaf, waiting for the mosquitoes to fly by. As soon as the mosquitoes fly by, she sticks out her long and thin tongue and immediately sticks the mosquitoes into her mouth. At this time, Xiaoyu got out of the water and applauded her. The little turtle also applauded for her.

The little dragonfly flew and landed on the lotus, so she must learn from her the ability to catch mosquitoes!

One day, Little Frog saw a little girl walking on the shore of the lake. She was wearing a red vest. Ah, how beautiful she is! The little girl is really like a lotus, and her beautiful reflection flashes in the lake.

The little frog looked dumbfounded, and she was thinking: I also want to wear a red vest and be as beautiful as that little girl.

From then on, Little Frog pestered her mother to make a red vest for her all day long.

The mother frog said: “My child, how beautiful your green clothes are! Why do you want to wear a red vest?”

The little fish stuck his head out of the water and said, “Really, your green clothes are really beautiful!”

The little tortoise also poked his head out of the water and slowly said: “You are so stupid, why do you wear a red vest? It’s not good-looking, not good-looking.” After speaking, he swam into the water.

At this time, a green dragonfly flew over. She landed on a lotus not far away, and persuaded the little frog: “Why do you want to wear a red vest! Isn’t the green dress very beautiful?” She said, flapping her wings.

However, the little frog did not listen to everyone’s advice, and pestered his mother, crying and shouting: “I want a red vest! I want a red vest!”

The mother frog couldn’t help it, so she picked up a piece of red candy paper and made a red vest for the little frog.

Now, the little frog is wearing a red vest, and she feels very beautiful.

Every morning, just as the sun rose, the little frog in the red vest jumped on the round green lotus leaf and began to walk around like a fashion model.

The fish in the lake leaned out of the water to admire.

The little tortoise also climbed onto a rock and watched.

Several dragonflies also flew over and landed on the lotus to watch the excitement.

At some point, the willow tree by the lake was covered with birds of various colors, chirping while watching.

Grandpa, grandma, uncles and aunts also came by the lake. There are also children, some of them are holding puppies, some are holding dolls, and some are holding windmills. They all came to see this little frog in a red vest perform.

The little frog walked around on the round lotus leaf, looking very proud.

At this moment, a few mosquitoes flew over. They flew around the little frog, yelling, “Wow, little frog in a red vest, you are so beautiful! You are so beautiful!”

The little frog had forgotten to catch the mosquito, she only heard everyone’s applause and praise.

Mosquitoes flew around the little frog boldly, and no longer have to worry about being caught by the little frog.

One day passed, two days passed, and on the third day, even though the little frog writhed on the lotus leaf in a red vest, the little fish looked and swam away. The little tortoise took a look and crawled into the water. Dragonflies and birds also flew up and away.

Grandpa, grandma, uncles, aunts, children, come and have a look, they are all gone. It was deserted by the lake.

The little frog asked his mother, “Why didn’t they watch me perform? Why didn’t they applaud me?”

Mom said: “You think about it first, why is this?”

Do you know why everyone didn’t watch the little frog show?

The value of the little frog

Little frog can catch mosquitoes, which is beneficial to everyone. It is her specialty and advantage, and it is also her greatest value. Now that she puts on a red vest and doesn’t even catch mosquitoes, how can everyone still like her? Do you want to do something good for others? Do you know your worth?

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