Little frog learns skills

There is a small tadpole in the pond, and it swims leisurely in the pond every day. One day, the mother frog said to it: “Now that you have grown up, you can no longer only know how to play like before. It is time to learn some skills by yourself.”

The little frog listened to his mother and began to learn his skills.

When the little frog came to the garden, it happened to see a beautiful butterfly dancing in the glory. It said to the butterfly in a requesting tone: “Sister, can you teach me to dance?” The butterfly readily agreed. The little frog spread his legs apart like Sister Butterfly, but he couldn’t do anything except jump a few times.

At this time, the little frog heard a sweet singing voice. It saw Sister Oriole and said, “Sister, can you teach me to sing?” So the Oriole began to sing.

The little frog opened his mouth and sang along, but it only made a croaking sound, which was not good at all. The little frog returned home sadly and asked his mother: “Why can’t I learn anything, am I too stupid?”

“Child, it’s not that you are too stupid, but everyone has their own abilities. In the future, you should follow your mother to learn how to catch pests!”

In this way, the little frog practiced hard with his mother every day, and finally became a master at catching pests.

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