Little Gray Wolf’s Kite

The weather is really nice today, the sun is shining brightly, and the breeze is breezy. Howling wolf is in a bad mood. Yesterday he went to participate in the speech contest. He played very well, but he only won the third place, while the stupid dog, who was much worse than him, won the second place…

The Howling Wolf really gets more depressed the more I think about it, and my mood naturally doesn’t get better.

At this moment, there was a “click” outside the window. Who is this? Why is it so annoying? The Howling Wolf looked out the window. Hey, it was Little Wolf. There were bamboo and white paper in front of him, and he seemed to be making a kite.

The Howling Wolf walked over angrily. But seeing the gray wolf look stupid, Howling Wolf smiled, “Hey, little wolf, kite doesn’t do this, let me help you.”

With that said, he picked up the knife and the ball of thread on the ground to help build the kite.

Howling Wolf’s craftsmanship is really good! It didn’t take long for the skeleton of the kite to be completed. Just stick the paper again, tie the thread, and you can fly.

“Uncle Howl Wolf, this kite is so big, can it be made smaller?” The Gray Wolf suddenly pouted and said.

“Bigger is better, so that you can fly higher.”

“No, I don’t like big ones, I only like small ones.”

Of course Howling Wolf was a little unhappy, but he still made the kite smaller. However, Gray Wolf’s requirements are increasing. He doesn’t like the dragon drawn on the kite, he wants howling wolf to draw a butterfly; he doesn’t like the long tail on the kite, he wants howling wolf to keep the kite’s tail short…

“Okay, I’m fed up, why are you asking so much!” After speaking, Howling Wolf tore the kite in his hand and threw it to the ground, and then went home angrily.

After drinking three glasses of cold water, the anger in Howling Wolf’s heart gradually subsided. Then he went to bed and took a nap.

It’s already two o’clock in the afternoon to wake up. There was a burst of cheering outside. Come out and see, ah, the little gray wolf is flying a kite on the grass outside.

His kite is not only small and ugly, but it also flies low, lower than those small trees. Howling Wolf couldn’t help but laugh while watching.

But after looking at it for a while, Howling Wolf stopped laughing, instead he looked at the little gray wolf in front of him with a look of admiration. Yes, although Gray Wolf’s kite is small and ugly, and does not fly high, he is extremely happy. This is because he made this kite himself, and is his own. No matter how others look at it, his kite is the best and the best. No kite can compare to it.

“Thank you, Little Wolf, you are really my teacher.” Thinking of this, Howling Wolf smiled happily.

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