Little hedgehog wants a hug

Little Hedgehog saw the little rabbit hugging her mother. He was very envious (xian mu). He also wanted a hug very much.

He said to his mother: “Mom, can you give me a hug?”

“We hedgehogs can’t hug. Good boy, don’t think about it, okay?” Mom said and kissed Dot’s face. Little did not get a hug, a little disappointed.

On this day, Little Little helped Grandma Tortoise pick a basket of strawberries. Grandma Tortoise said happily, “Thank you, kid!”

Little by little, he said quickly: “Grandma, can you give me a hug?”

Grandma Turtle froze for a moment, and then laughed: “That’s not okay. Although I have a hard shell I am not afraid of piercing, but my arm is afraid of piercing! Let my hand embrace yours!” Grandma Tortoise ‘S big hand tightly held a little little hand…,

A little bit still feel dissatisfied. As he walked home, he met Mr. Porcupine who was asking for directions. “Child, may I ask, how do I get to the forest lake community?” Little Dian immediately took Mr. Porcupine.

“Thank you, kid!” Mr. Porcupine smiled and touched his head.

Little by little, said to Mr. Porcupine: “Can you give me a hug?”

“Haha!” Mr. Porcupine smiled heartily, “These animals with stings on our bodies can’t be hugged, they will stab others! So let my nose hug your nose!” Mr. Porcupine bends She lowered her waist and touched her little nose affectionately. Click “pounce” to have fun.

A few days later, Dian’s birthday arrived. Grandma Tortoise and Little Rabbit came to celebrate him. To Dian’s surprise, Mr. Porcupine also came. It turned out that he had moved to the forest lake community.

Grandma Tortoise hugged the little face with her face, the little rabbit hugged the little hand with her hand, Mr. Porcupine hugged the little nose with his nose, and Mom and Dad hugged the little face with their mouths.

I feel very happy a little bit. Although they couldn’t give themselves a real hug, but little by little, they all embraced him in their hearts!

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