Little kettle lost

There is a small kettle, I love to drink water every day, and I love to take a bath every day. On this day, the small kettle took a shower and went out to play. I’m lost when I’m playing, and I can’t find a home.

A small car drove up and said, “Little kettle, I’ll take you home.”

The little kettle asked: “Do you know where my house lives?”

The car said: “I know, I run outside every day, and I’ve been everywhere!”

The small kettle gets in the car. The car drove very fast, and kept seeing the red light. Oops, the car has overturned! The small kettle was thrown far away.

The little kettle came over and took a look. The wheel of the car fell off and couldn’t drive away. The little kettle said: “I’ll take you back first.”

It’s raining.

Push and push the small kettle, and push the trolley home in one go. Helped the car to take a shower and put the wheels on the car.

The car is very embarrassed: originally he was sending a small water bottle, but as a result…

At dawn the next day, the car said very vigorously: “Little kettle, I should take you home this time!”

The little kettle jumped into the car.

The car drove very slowly and steadily, and soon the small kettle was delivered home.

The little kettle said, “Thank you so much, little car!”

The car shook his head and said, “No thanks, no thanks, I will send you back when you get lost again.”

Little Kettle wanted to say that she didn’t want to get lost again, and was afraid that the car would be sad, so she smiled at the car.

The car turned around and ran away quickly.

The little kettle said: “It’s so impatient!” After that, he went home to drink water!

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