Little lion and headache medicine

There is a little lion in the forest. He has a beautiful mane and a nice singing voice. Everyone likes this handsome and singing little lion. However, the little lion has a bad problem-he likes to lie.

“I have made a few new dishes today. Come and try it!” The little lion brought out the dishes and greeted the other animals triumphantly.

“You are amazing!” Xiaolu praised.

“Your craftsmanship is awesome!” Lark praised again and again.

In fact, these dishes are takeaways ordered by Little Lion.

One day, the little lion passed by the elephant shop and saw a huge marshmallow, which was used by the elephant owner to solicit business. The little lion couldn’t help it, and secretly took a bite. Now, the marshmallow is missing a big piece! The little lion quickly slipped away.

After discovering that the marshmallow had been stolen, the elephant boss jumped with anger. Everyone gathered around, trying to find the person who stole the food.

“Looking at this gap, it must have been bitten by a glutton with a big mouth.” The giraffe said while holding his glasses.

“The little hippo has a big mouth, it must be him!” The little lion’s lie opened his mouth, and the blame was placed on the bad-spoken little hippo.

“The little lion is right, the little hippo’s mouth is really big!”

Everyone talked a lot, and all believed the little lion’s words. The little hippo was wronged and ran away crying.

The little lion has tasted the sweetness and thinks everyone is cheating. Gradually, there was no more truth in his mouth. He stole the honey from the little bear’s house, soiled the little tiger’s sweater, and trampled on the scarecrow’s watermelon field. In the end, he successfully blamed all these bad things on others.

In this way, day after day, more and more lies accumulated in the little lion’s head. There are too many lies, so he got a kind of disease-a headache.

At night, the little lion has a headache and can’t sleep. Alas, if this continues, the little lion will die. He hurried to see the doctor.

“I can’t cure your disease. Or, you can go to the mushroom forest to find the mysterious doctor. It is said that she can cure all the strange diseases.” Rhino Doctor said.

Yes, there is a mushroom forest in the depths of the forest, in which a mysterious doctor lives. It is said that the doctor only looked at strange diseases, and the medicine was cured.

The little lion walked into the forest and came to a mushroom forest that was inaccessible. Fortunately, he saw the mushroom house where the mysterious doctor lived and knocked on the door.

The door opened-ah, the mysterious doctor turned out to be a big rabbit with red eyes!

“I can cure your headache, but you have to be honest and tell me what you have done. In this way, I can prescribe the right medicine.” Big Rabbit said after the examination.

“I haven’t done anything.” The little lion shook his head quickly.

“If you don’t tell the truth, please go back.” The big rabbit pointed to the door.

The little lion became frightened. He told the bad things and lies he had done. After the big rabbit listened, he took out the herbal medicine and fiddled with it. Finally, he handed the little lion a golden pill.

“Take the pill and your headache will heal.” The big rabbit said with a smile.

The little lion took the pill and swallowed it. “Does this pill really work?” he asked.

“Don’t worry, your head won’t hurt tonight. I never lie.” Big Rabbit said.

That night, the little lion’s head really didn’t hurt anymore. However, after waking up the next day, the little lion felt itchy in his throat and wanted to talk very much. So, he picked up the horn and shouted: “Hello everyone, I am the little lion! I bit the cotton candy in the elephant shop! I stole the honey from the little bear’s house! I soiled the tiger’s sweater! It was me. I smashed the watermelon field of the Scarecrow!” The

little lion was stunned by himself, and quickly covered his mouth, but his mouth was out of control, and he continued to tell the bad things he had done and the lies he had told him.

Hearing the sound, the little animals ran over and gathered around the door of the little lion’s house.

“The little lion turned out to be a liar!”

“We wronged the little hippo.”

“We also wronged the spotted cat, grizzly bear…”

“Little lion, you are such a hypocritical fellow!”

Hearing the reprimand, the little lion hid under the bed, holding his head, showing no self- confidence. When the angry little animals were all gone, the little lion sneaked out of the house, planning to go to the big rabbit and ask for more information. However, he spent a long time in the mushroom forest, but did not find the mushroom house.

“The headache pill is only valid for seven days, and the side effect is that you will keep telling the truth.” The big rabbit’s voice floated from a distance, “Recognizing your mistakes, the headache can be really cured.” The

little lion finally understood. Up. He returned home and apologized seriously to everyone. In the days that followed, he became sincere and kind, and became a really popular little lion. Of course, his head never hurts again.

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