Little Mole Gigi and Little Hedgehog

Gigi is a small field mouse without a tail.

Without the tail, Gigi still lives happily.

One night, Ji Ji walked out of the cave and happily went to find food.

As I walked, I suddenly heard someone crying softly.

“Who is crying?” Ji Ji whispered to the direction of the voice.

“So it’s Little Hedgehog!” Gigi came to Diandian and asked in a low voice, “I’m Little Field Mouse Jiji, why are you crying?”

“The spikes on my body were broken by the shell of the little tortoise!” He cried a little bit sadly, “How ugly and dangerous is this!”

“It’s very bad!” Ji Ji said, stroking his beard, “but we still have to eat, aren’t you hungry?”

Little stopped crying, touched his stomach and said, “I’m very hungry!”

“Then let’s go find food together!” Gigi said, “Don’t be sad, don’t I have a tail?”

“Don’t you find it ugly?” Little dot asked as he walked behind Gigi.

“Without a tail, it’s ugly!” Gigi turned around and said, “But it’s useless to be sad, and it can’t grow again! As long as you live happily, there is nothing bad!”

“You said so well!” A smile appeared on Diandian’s face, “From now on, I want to be happy with you!”

“Okay!” Gigi stopped, holding a little bit of both hands and said seriously, “We must live happily and happily together, and also pay attention to safety. We have no tails and fewer spikes. It will be very dangerous!”

“I know!” Nodded and agreed happily.

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