Little monkey looking for clothes

Before going to bed, the little monkey likes to throw clothes, one piece in the east, one piece in the west…I can’t find the thrown clothes. On this day, he took off one more piece, threw another one, and went to bed after throwing it away.

The next day, the little monkey just woke up, and his good friend Lamb called out the window: “Little monkey, go to kindergarten soon!”

“Lamb, lamb, wait for me!”

The little monkey jumped out of bed, eh, where did the clothes go? Looking east, looking west, looking for a shoe, the shoe is on the bed. The lamb outside the window waited in a hurry: “Little monkey, hurry up!”

The little monkey wore a shoe, so he had to jump on one foot, jump and jump, and jumped to the window and said: “Little sheep, little sheep help me, help me find clothes!”

The lamb came in to help him find, search and search, and found a sock, which was on the sofa. The puppy came: “Little monkey, little monkey, hurry up!”

“Puppy puppy, I’m looking for clothes, come and help me!”

The puppy helped him find clothes, searched and searched, and found a pair of pants, which were under the bed.

Looking for it, sweating, the little monkey turned on the ceiling fan. As soon as the ceiling fan turned, a bunch of dark things flew down. The little monkey, puppy and lamb turned around in fright and fled: “Wow, it’s a monster!”

After escaping for a while, there was no movement. They ran back quietly and laughed at a closer look. It turned out that the top was flying off the ceiling fan.

Now there is one socks and one shoe missing. Where are they? The lamb, the monkey and the puppy were found at noon. The shoes were on the grass outside the window, and the socks were hung on the belt behind the monkey’s pants.

Found it, go to kindergarten soon. One, two, three, running and running, who did you hit head-on? Teacher Xiong with eyes.

The teacher was surprised: “Why are you playing outside instead of going to kindergarten?”

“I… we… didn’t play.” Lamb said softly.

“Let’s help the little monkey find clothes.” The puppy said softly.

“Both… blame me…” The little monkey lowered his head.

Teacher Xiong understood: “Okay, okay, go in, come early tomorrow.”

What will happen to the little monkey the next day? Kids, talk about it.

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