Little Monkey Toot’s Restaurant

The forest restaurant has opened, and the little monkey Dudu is the chef.

Everyone says that the little monkey is lean, but our Dudu is a little fat man. Originally, which chef is not chubby!

Look at our toot, wearing a tall chef hat, wearing a snow-white chef suit, with a chubby belly, don’t mention how proud it is!

Early in the morning, the little animals gathered in front of the restaurant, you said, I said, “Twitter” is really lively.

“Dudu’s cabin is really bright!” Uncle Goat nodded, stroking his beard.

“The swing seat in the house must be fun!” The little rabbit stared at a pair of shiny red eyes, eager to go in and sit down.

“Dudu is so awesome!” Sika deer sister looked at Dudu with admiration.

Dudu scratched his head with joy, and his tall chef hat was almost taken off.

Dudu warmly invites guests into the restaurant. He wants to show his skills and invite everyone to taste his craftsmanship.

Put a plate of fried fish in front of Uncle Goat. The golden fish is so beautiful!

There is a plate of onions in front of the little rabbit? The onions are fragrant and tender. They must be delicious!

What kind of dish should the little cat have? Oh, green vegetable and carrot salad, shredded green cabbage, carrots, and shreds are cut as fine as pine needles!

In front of the sika deer sister is a bowl of minced fish and mushroom soup, which is fragrant!

“You are welcome, eat more!” Dudu greeted everyone thoughtfully.

“Cough, cough, cough…” “Cough, cough, cough…” As soon as the guests put food in their mouths, they put down their spoons and stood up coughing. They walked to Dudu one after another and said goodbye to him.

After sending off the guests, looking at the plates of food dudu, scratching his head in distress, the high chef hat was almost lifted off.

“Why don’t everyone like to eat? Is my craftsmanship bad, or the food is not fresh?” Dudu muttered to himself.

“Neither! You made everyone’s taste wrong!” Oh, it was Uncle Goat who was talking, and he was back again.

Uncle Goat patiently told Dudu listen to the different tastes of each animal, Dudu nodded straightly!

Early the next morning, Dudu warmly invited everyone to his restaurant again.

“Uncle Goat, thank you! This is the tender green grass with salt and pepper made for you.”

“Brother Kitty, this is your pan-fried fish!”

“Little rabbit, be good, this plate is a mushroom and carrot salad specially mixed for you.”

“This bowl of strawberry soup with tender leaves is for Sika deer sister!”

This time, everyone ate with relish. Dudu wiped the sweat on his forehead, and he was happy!

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