Little Mouse Diudiu Farm is a painting

Every day on the farm is as beautiful as a picture. For small animals, this is their most fun playground.

In spring, the creek water ran “pushing”, and the little animals rolled around on the green grass.

In summer, small animals like to soak in the pond and swim all day, and will not go home until the sun goes down.

In autumn, under the starry sky at night, everyone sat around Uncle Niu and listened to it telling stories from a long, long time ago.

In winter, the farm becomes a world of ice and snow, where small animals ski, make snowmen, and play snowball fights…

On this day, an old man, a bearded painter, came to the farm. The old man carried his drawing board and painting tools on his back to the grass by the pond.

“Who does he want to paint with the paintbrush?” The birds stood on the branches, chirping and discussing.

The puppy said: “I am a good helper for the farm owner, and the painter old man will definitely paint me in.”

The duck said: “I am a master diving swimmer in the pond, and he will draw me too!”

The little rabbit said: “I’m white and snow-white, and it’s the most beautiful little animal on this farm. The painter old man will paint me.”

Only the little mouse did not speak, and he did not know what to say. Diudiu felt that he was neither a good helper for the farm owner nor a master diving or swimmer, nor was he as beautiful and cute as a white rabbit.

The painter’s old man supported the drawing board and began to paint on the grass. He held the palette in one hand and the paintbrush in the other, and began to paint seriously.

The sun shines on the beautiful farm, and the warm wind brings the scent of small flowers and grasses on the grass. The smell is really intoxicating!

The puppy ran and barked happily on the farm. It wanted the old painter to see itself; the little ducks kept diving by the pond, and then swam out various swimming styles for the painter uncle to see; the little bunny just jumped directly. He hopped around to play with the painter’s old man, hoping to attract his attention.

Little Mouse Diudiu hid in the grass behind the painter’s old uncle and secretly admired this painting. The farm in the painting is as beautiful as the real farm.

Suddenly, a strong wind blew, and the painter’s old man’s drawing board was swayed, almost toppling over. Without thinking of anything, the little mouse rushed up quickly and held the drawing board with his paw.

The painter’s old man was startled when he saw a little mouse jump out, and then he laughed. He continued to paint seriously, until the sun went down, the painting was finally completed.

The painter old uncle gave the painting to the owner of the farm, and the owner happily hung the painting on the wall of the bedroom.

Children, guess what, what is painted in the paintings of the painter’s old man?

Sky, grass, pond and more?

There is also a little mouse holding the drawing board seriously, who is it? That’s right, it’s just a little mouse.

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