Little Penguin Dundun takes photos of the little train

Rumble! Rumble! …

“Huh! The little train is coming this year?”

Little Penguin Dundun was snoring and sleeping. He seemed to hear the rumbling sound of the little train. He was so happy that he immediately turned a somersault before rubbing his eyes and looking to the west.

The land of ice and snow is silent.

Dundun was extremely disappointed. He simply stood up, padded his toes, spread his wings, and sang loudly: “Little train, come here quickly, little train, come here quickly, I must take beautiful pictures of the little train. ”

Rumble! Rumble! …

“Hey, it’s really the sound of the little train!” Dundun is so happy! He hurriedly raised his ears.

“Well, yes, yes, it’s really a small train coming.” Dun Dun hurriedly took out his camera.

“Quick! Quick! The little train is coming.” The rumbling voice became louder and louder, and Dun Dun ran in the direction of the little train while adjusting the focus, while cheering on himself.

“Papa! Papa!” The dull feet trembled as they stepped on the snow.

Dun Dun is so handsome.

“Kacha!” Dundun finally grabbed a photo of a small train flying past it.

The small train flashed by, and a gust of wind rushed over. Dundun was still immersed in the excitement of taking the photo, jumping and jumping, staggering, being blown by the strong wind, and the camera in his hand was thrown out. Far.

“My little train!” Dundun hurriedly rushed to grab the camera. It was too fat. It moved half a shot slow, and the camera fell to the ground, smashing. The film also rolled out.

“Woooooooooooooo-” Little Penguin sat on the ground with sadness and started crying.

“Woo-woo woo-I have been guarding here for many days, and finally guarded a small train, damn wind, can’t you run out later to play? That made my small train photo disappear, woo woo ——Woo woo——.”

“Hi! Little guy, what are you doing?”

Dun Dun looked back and was shocked.

“Wow! What a big torch! It’s red, it almost melts the snow!”

Dundun forgot its camera and photos. He looked at the torch in front of him admiringly and said, “Big torch, can you help me teach the wind that just ran forward? It broke my camera.”

“Haha! Little guy, I am not a torch, I am a doctor from China. I will chase the wind in the future, let me fix the camera for you first.”

With that said, the Chinese doctor first picked up the camera that fell to the ground, then he approached Dun Dun, squatted down, stretched out his hand, and touched Dun Dun’s forehead.

“Oh! It’s not good. You have a fever.” As he said, the Chinese doctor picked up the stupid camera, picked it up, and ran towards a small train parked not far away.

Dundun got into the little train for the first time and felt very curious about everything. He fumbled here and there. There are a few friends of Chinese doctors on the train.

“Little guy, come here, take some anti-fever medicine first. Then, we will let you take a photo of the little train again.”

After taking the anti-fever medicine, Dun Dun played in the little train for a while. The Chinese doctor said, “Little guy, I modified the camera for you. Now you can take pictures without film.”

“Big Torch, you are amazing! Have you made a digital camera for me? I want a digital camera in my dreams!”

“Hey, today is the first day of the new year. Let me give you a digital camera as a New Year’s gift.” Then, the Chinese doctor handed the camera to Dundun.

“We have to hurry, let you take a few photos of the train.” The Chinese doctor asked his friend to drive the train very slowly and slowly. He jumped off the train by himself and accompanied Dundun to take many photos. Photo of the little train.

Dundun was very happy, carefully holding the digital camera that took many photos of the little train, and went home happily.

The little train speeded up, Dun Dun hurriedly turned his head, padded his toes, opened his arms, craned his neck, and shouted: “Chinese friends, I am not a little guy, I am Dun Dun.”

“Dun Dun, there will be a period later!” The Chinese doctor and his friends both held out their hands out of the train window and said goodbye to the little penguin Dundun loudly.

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