Little snails cover flower houses

The little snail wheat grains look forward to spring coming early every day.

In this way, he can build a fragrant petal room.

Because he walks very slowly, he is always late every time he participates in a dance party held by his friends.

He thought that if he built a petal room on his back and built the stage there, he would no longer have to worry about being late for the ball. Just invite his friends to the house to hold a happy ball. Imagining ants, little bees, butterflies, and little ladybugs dancing on the stage of the petal room, how exciting it would be.

Spring is here! The grass is green and the flowers are blooming.

The wheat grains became busy all day long, carrying spiral shells to choose petals from the flower bushes. He wanted to choose the beautiful and scented tender petals in the flowers to build a house. Everyone knew that the wheat grains were looking for materials to build the flower house.

The grains of wheat had picked up several petals, and he walked gently, for fear that the small petals would slip off his back.

Seeing the colorful petals on the back of the wheat grains dangling, the little bee said enthusiastically: “Wheat grains, do you want me to help you apply some sweet sticky (nián) bees to stick them together (zhān)?”

“Great!” The grain nodded vigorously, and now he no longer has to worry about the petals falling off, “Wait when my petal room is covered, welcome to be a guest.”

“Definitely!” The petals stuck (zhān) firmly, and the little bee flew away happily.

There are more and more petals on the back of the wheat grains, red, yellow, pink, white, purple… all kinds of colors. Sister Spider found that the petals were a little unstable, and said concerned: “Wheat, your petals are so beautiful, do you want me to help you sew them?”

“Great!” The grain of wheat happily closed his mouth from ear to ear, and he could pick up more petals, “Wait when my petal room is covered, welcome to be a guest.”

“Definitely!” The spider sister, like an embroidered angel, threaded needles through the petals on the back of the wheat grain. Soon, she sewed the petals firmly. Sister Spider smiled, and she waved her silver wire swing towards a big red flower.

The petal room on the back of the wheat grain is very beautiful, like a nine-color flower blooming on him.

“Wheat, your house is so beautiful!” Sister Butterfly, like a fairy draped in a tulle, flew up to the wheat, “Would you like to put some powder on it?”

“If that’s the case, it wouldn’t be better!” The grain of wheat was about to jump up, and he jumped up vigorously.

Sister Butterfly waved her little hand gently, and a ball of scented powder with sparkling starlight spread all over the petal room, which was like a dream house.

After the wheat-grain petal room was built, he asked Feng’er to send his friends an invitation (jiǎn), inviting them to open a party in his newly-built petal room on the night of the full moon. (Party: Party)

You see, the starry petal room in the flowers is where the wheat grains hold their dance party.

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