Little snail’s wish

One day, the little snail rested on a stone bench in the grass. Suddenly, it saw a little white rabbit running fast on the grass. And the little snail can’t run like the little white rabbit. It can only crawl slowly. The little snail is very sad. It thought to himself: If I don’t have to carry this hard shell all the time, it would be great!

The angel heard its wish, and slowly fell from the sky to the little snail’s side, and said, “Do you really want this shell? I can help you realize this wish.” The little snail was very excited and said incoherently: “Quick…Quick…, change quickly.” The angel closed his eyes and chanted a few spells silently. The little snail suddenly felt that his body had become lighter, and the shell was really gone. Now, it jumped up with joy.

But in the middle of the night, the little snail shivered from the cold, and only then did it know the benefits of the shell on its body. Just as the little snail was desperate, the kind angel came again and returned the hard shell to the little snail. The little snail finally knew that everything on his body was useful, and it couldn’t be less. From then on, it no longer envied the little white rabbit.

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