Little squirrel moving to a new house

A little squirrel lives with his father, mother, brother and sister. It took a long time, but the little squirrel felt that it was too small and too noisy for so many people to live in such a small house. He wanted to live alone, so he set off. He wanted to find a quieter and spacious place to be his new home.

The little squirrel walked and walked and saw a house in front of it, which was very nice. So he walked in. There are two rooms in this house, the inside is the room, and the outside is the living room. It looked left and right. It was very satisfied, so it moved in.

The little squirrel began to dress up his new home. It cleaned the inside and out of the house first, then re-arranged the furniture neatly, and then found some ribbons to dress it up. It was getting dark gradually, and the little squirrel yawned. After a busy day, he felt tired, so he wanted to go to bed.

When the little squirrel slept dimly, it felt as if something fluffy was touching it on its face, itchy. It opened its eyes and saw that a big lion was touching its face with his hand, glaring at it. , Scared the little squirrel rolled off the bed, running and crawling to escape. The leaves rustled in its ears, it was terribly scared, thinking of its mother, it wanted her mother to come and take it home quickly.

In the distance, I seemed to see the light, hey, it seemed to be my mother’s voice, yes, my mother came to me, and the little squirrel ran to her mother crying. Mom saw the little squirrel, but she was happy and hugged the little squirrel tightly.

“Mom, I will never leave home again.” The family hugged each other tightly.

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