Little Star’s Adventure

On a quiet night, a little star was asleep in the sky, and the moon was shining brightly on it. After a while, for some reason, the little star suddenly fell from the sky. When the little star was about to fall to the ground, it woke up. It rubbed its eyes and saw that there was grass all around, the moon mother-in-law was gone, and its little friends were gone. It looked up and saw that Mother Moon and the little star were in the sky. It kept screaming and screaming, but no one paid any attention to Little Xingxing. It cried lonely. After a while, Little Xingxing got tired of crying and fell asleep.

The next morning, it wanted to call Granny Moon and Little Stars again, hoping to take it to the sky. As soon as it looked up, nothing was seen. At that time, how much it wanted to pick it up, thinking, thinking, a little boy came from the house, and they were holding a football and preparing to play football. When a little boy caught the ball, he didn’t catch the ball, but kicked the little star on the ground far. The little star fell into a lake.

In the afternoon, a fisherman came to fish in the lake. A net was thrown down, big and small fish were in the net, and the old fisherman saw a shiny thing. It turned out to be a little star. Little Xingxing said to the old fisherman, “Grandpa, can you take me home?” “Good!” Grandpa said to Little Xingxing cheerfully. After speaking, the grandfather brought the little star home. The grandfather treated the little star as his own child, and made a small bed for the little star with bamboo. In this way, he spent three whole days and three nights.

In one night, the little star and grandpa were sleeping, and a strong wind blew the little star away. Little Xingxing was blown into the trash can by the wind. The next day, Little Xing woke up and found himself in a dirty and smelly trash can. The body becomes dirty and smelly.

A little girl came to take out the trash and found the little star and regarded the little star as a treasure. Brought Little Xingxing home, and when she returned home, the little girl took a bath for Little Xingxing. The little star became clean and fragrant again. The little girl played and read with the little star, and the little star had a carefree life.

A few years later, Little Xingxing has more and more knowledge, more knowledge than the little girl. From then on, it played and studied happily with the little girl.

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