Little white rabbit walks relatives

Little White Rabbit’s mother said: Little White Rabbit, her mother is too old, and her relatives will depend on you in the future.

The little white rabbit said: Mom, let’s go together.

The mother said: Silly boy, mother can’t walk.

Xiao Bai could not speak anymore. My mother’s health is getting worse every day. What should I do if I take a few steps and have to rest for a long time, which really exhausts my mother?

That day, my mother gave the little white rabbit a small pocket, which was full of delicious things.

The mother said: Go, child, be careful on the way.

Xiao Baimian said: Don’t worry, mother, I’m fine.

The little white rabbit is on the road, jumping around, very happy.

To get married with Little White Rabbit, he has to climb one mountain on top of another.

On the other mountain there is the little cousin of the little white rabbit, who can sing nice songs.

Listening to my mother, the budding flowers all opened up when they heard the little cousin’s singing. Little White Rabbit didn’t believe it, he had to see it with his own eyes to believe it.

The little white rabbit’s pocket contained gifts for her little cousin.

The little bird in the sky asked the little white rabbit: Little white rabbit, why are you going?

The little white rabbit said: Go to another mountain to walk relatives.

The little bird screamed and said: Oh, the road is so far, so far!

The little white rabbit said: I am not afraid.

The little sheep eating grass asked the little white rabbit: Little white rabbit, why are you going?

The little white rabbit said proudly: Go to relatives and go to another mountain.

The little sheep clutched his chest and said: Oh, oh, the mountain is so high, so high.

Xiaobai said proudly: I’m not afraid!

The little white rabbit walked on the winding mountain road.

The little white rabbit felt the pocket on his shoulder heavier and heavier, he really wanted to throw it away.

A field mouse said greedily: Di Di Di Di, Di Di Pocket.

The little white rabbit said: I’m not.

If the little cousin asks him: Cousin, what is the gift you brought to me? How would the State and White Rabbit answer?

When approaching the top of the mountain, a yellowish fellow yelled: Go, kill! He shouted and rushed to the little white rabbit quickly.

The little white rabbit covered his head in fright, and jumped into the bushes. The little white rabbit jumped and ran, and couldn’t figure out the east and the west. The voice of “Charge and kill” kept ringing in the little white rabbit’s ears.

I don’t know how long it took, the little white rabbit found that he had reached the top of the mountain. Not far away, there was a small room with lights on.

Xiao Bai avoids being hungry, thirsty, tired, or afraid. He really wants to take a good rest.

Tuk tuk! Xiao Baimian stepped forward and knocked on the door.

It was Mother Lynx who opened the door, and Mother Lynx prevented Xiao Bai from entering the house. Mother Lynx poured water and took out a few millet.

Millet? The little white rabbit thought of his little pocket. The small pocket is still there, it’s just torn apart, and everything inside is lost!

–Wow! The little white rabbit cried.

——Don’t cry, don’t cry, tell me! Mother Lynx said.

The little white rabbit told the story again, and at this moment, the door was kicked open. Charge, kill, the guy who is yellow and bragging broke in.

The little white rabbit didn’t care about crying, he was so scared that he hurriedly hid behind her mother Lynx.

——Little things, I knew it was you to blame. Come, meet Little White Rabbit’s brother, Mother Lynx said.

Oh, it’s a small cat, and the little white rabbit is no longer afraid.

The little white rabbit stayed at the little cat’s house all night. The little cat talked with the little white rabbit all night.

The next day, the little cat gave the little white rabbit a small pocket, which contained a walnut, two dates, three chestnuts, and four peanuts. That is a holiday gift from Mother Lynx to Lynx.

The little white rabbit is on the road again.

Standing on the top of the mountain, the little cat shook his hand, so that the little white rabbit could not see it, and it was still shaking.

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