Little wild boar and mother (maternal love)

The little wild boar was covered with sores. “Oh, stinky! Stinky!” The friends hid far away and stopped playing with it.

Mother wild boar was in a hurry and hurried to find a doctor. Doctor Hippo said, “Over the three mountains, there is a magical spring. Take the little wild boar to wash it. Wash it once a day. You must wash it for three to ten days.” The mother wild boar set off with the little wild boar. The mountain road was steep and difficult to walk. After only a while, the little wild boar couldn’t walk anymore. How to do it? Doctor Hippo said that the sore of the little wild boar is contagious, and the mother wild boar still let the little wild boar lie on its back and walk on its back.

The sun was shining on the mountain road, the little wild boar was sweating, and the little wild boar’s sweat and pus “tickled” on the wild boar mother; the wild boar’s mother sweated more, “tickled” flowing on the mountain road. They walked until the sun reached the top of the tree before they saw the magical spring water.

The spring water is very thin, and “Ding Ding Dongdong” flows into a small pool. The mother wild boar put the little wild boar in the spring water and gently washed the sores on its body. The spring water was cool and cool, the little wild boar was very comfortable, and fell asleep “snoring” for a while. Mother wild boar was sweating, and the pus of the little wild boar was flowing on her body again. She was very uncomfortable. She wanted to wash it in the spring water, but the pool was so small that she could only wash one at a time. Mother wild boar saw the little wild boar snoring sweetly, and couldn’t bear to wake it up.

The sun was about to set, mother wild boar carried the clean little wild boar back home. “Ah, my mother smells so bad!” said the little wild boar, covering her nose. Mother wild boar picked a fragrant flower by the side of the road for the little wild boar to sniff, and covered her back with a few large leaves. The little wild boar couldn’t smell his mother anymore, and sang “La La La”. Mother Boar was struggling to walk on the mountain road, and she felt happy in her heart.

Day after day, no matter whether it is windy or rainy, no matter the sun is shining, the wild boar mother will “babble” and carry the little wild boar on her back to wash the magical spring water. The sores of the little wild boar are all healed, fat and clean. But the mother wild boar was tired and sick, and the sore of the little wild boar was also transmitted to her mother.

Little wild boar gradually discovered that his mother was thin and old, her back was bent, and her body was covered with sore scars. The little wild boar swooped into his mother’s arms, and began to cry.

The little wild boar helped her mother to wash the magical spring water. It threw the walking stick in her mother’s hand far away, “Mom, from tomorrow on, let me be your walking stick!”

“But my mother smells bad, and I have to go a long way.”

“No, no, I have to accompany my mother, and I want to accompany my mother every day.”

Little wild boar held his mother and walked steadily on the mountain road step by step. Quietly in the woods, the silver moonlight sprinkled on the mountain road, sprinkled on the little wild boar and its mother.

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