Little zebra changing clothes

A little zebra wearing strips of clothes always thinks that his clothes are not good-looking, and want to change to a more beautiful one.

One day the little zebra met a little white horse wearing snow-white clothes. It was so envious that he had to change the clothes for himself.

The little zebra took off his striped clothes and replaced it with that of a little white horse. It was very proud.

One day, a hungry leopard was looking west in the woods, looking for food everywhere.

The leopard spotted the little zebra in white at a glance, and immediately swooped at it.

The little zebra hurriedly jumped, ran away, and finally found a dense jungle to hide.

Despite this, the little zebra was spotted by the leopard, and the little zebra had no choice but to run away.

At this time, the mother zebra shouted loudly: “Little zebra, take off your white clothes!” The little zebra hurriedly took off his white clothes, and finally escaped the leopard’s pursuit under the cover of the jungle.

The leopard walked away, and the little zebra walked out of the woods. It then understood: the striped clothes are used to protect itself, and it can dodge the enemy’s attack.

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