Looking for a fool

In the Forest Elementary School, there is a very large lost and found box. The box was full of things lost by the students. There were a single glove, a scarf, a handkerchief, a pencil sharpener, an eraser, and three hats…

The fat crocodile who was in charge of the lost and found box was in a hurry, because these lost things almost filled the box, but no one came to claim the lost.

“What a fool, I don’t know if I dropped something!” The fat crocodile was very angry.

One day, he posted a notice that read:

Please take back all the lost items within three days. If you don’t receive it after the expiry date, I will ask the dog to come, and the dog can smell the owner of these things. At that time, I will post the photos of these people in the column of “Fuzzy Eggs” of “Forest”.

Everyone looked anxious, and they all came to the lost and found box to look for their lost things.

The little squirrel brought back a glove;

The cock took back the pencil sharpener;

The black bear took back the lost scarf;

The little twin hedgehogs have pointed and thorns, and led away two identical flower hats…

In the end, there was only one hat left in the lost and found box.

The fat crocodile invited the barking dog. Wang Wanggu was quite proud, he wanted to use his most sensitive nose to sniff out this silly egg.

The barking dog hugged this red hat and smelled it left and right. Everyone looked at Wang Wanggu nervously, not knowing who he found out was the fool.

Wang Wangguo smelled it for a long time, and finally he put down his hat embarrassedly and said, “I’m sorry, I remembered, this hat was a birthday gift from my aunt. I dropped it for a long time, and I forgot it. !”

Everyone burst into laughter and said, “Wang Wang’s nose is really good, he smells that he is a fool!”

Wang Wanggu said embarrassingly: “Yes, this hat keeps my scent, I’m a fool!”

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