Looking for red socks

This is a story about “memory”.

No, I mean, this is a story about finding the missing red socks.

“Twinkle and twinkle, the sky is full of…” The alarm clock went off in the morning.

Xiao Yi rubbed his eyes as usual and crawled out of the bed. Take off your pajamas as usual and put on your favorite red top. As usual, I put on my favorite red socks on

my left foot, and on my right… “Huh? Where’s my red socks?” Xiao Yi stared at the yellow socks in her hand for a while for a while.

“It’s clearly placed here, why is it gone?”

The clock on the wall made a ticking sound, and Minute was walking impartially and unselfishly.

Outside gradually came the barking of puppies, the sound of car engines starting, and the cry of the little brother next door. Soon, the kindergarten car will come to pick up the children. Xiao Yi couldn’t help worrying. If she didn’t find the red socks, she wouldn’t be able to catch the car to the kindergarten today. If she didn’t get the car to the kindergarten, she wouldn’t be able to see the children in the kindergarten today. If she couldn’t see the friends in the kindergarten, I can’t tell everyone about the ending in yesterday’s cartoon. If they didn’t tell everyone about the ending, they would definitely say that I was a liar. If everyone said I was a liar, they would not play with me again.

Thinking of this, Xiao Yi became even more nervous.

The alarm clock on the wall is still walking on its own, tick, tick.

“Mom, mom, have you seen my red socks?” Xiao Yi asked her mother for help.

“Yes, just put it in the drawer.” Mom replied.

“Which drawer?” Xiao Yi was very happy, and finally won’t be called a liar by everyone.

“This…not…this…nor…” While mumbling to herself, mother took out all kinds of red things.

In the first drawer, mother found the red umbrella, in the second drawer, mother found the red shirt, and in the third drawer, mother found the red hat. However, Xiao Yi’s red socks were not found.

“Weird, where did the red socks go?” Mom muttered to herself as she opened the fourth drawer and took out a pair of red shorts.

“Mum has too many things to remember, and it’s probably full of her head. Like my uncle said, it’s overloaded.” Xiao Yi thought as she went to find grandpa who was basking on the balcony.

“Grandpa, grandpa, did you see my red socks?”

“Huh? What did you say?” Grandpa asked loudly in response.

“The red socks, the red socks I wore the day before yesterday, the red socks I also wore last week. Red! Socks! Did you see it?” Xiao Yi asked out loud when she approached her grandpa.

“Huh? The red one?”

“Yes, the red one!”

“Here you are.” Grandpa said, and handed the cup in his hand to Xiao Yi.

“Grandpa, this is not my sock. And, it’s not red.” Xiao Yi put the green cup in his hand back to Grandpa’s hand.

It seemed that it was the sound of the school bus stopping at the intersection waiting for the traffic lights. Xiao Yi became even more anxious, and she didn’t know when there were tears in her eyes, and she couldn’t shed tears.

“Grandpa’s ears are getting worse and worse, and his memory is declining.” Xiao Yi walked towards the restaurant as she thought about it.

The word “decay” was used by my uncle and Xiao Yi a few days ago. Uncle said that when people are old, their memory will decline and they will not remember the past. Xiao Yiduo thinks that the children in kindergarten also have “memory decline”. Don’t remember what I said yesterday that I would tell them the finale of the cartoon.

“Uncle, uncle!”

The uncle who had breakfast in the restaurant was so frightened by Xiao Yi’s call that he shook off the fried egg in his hand.

“Uncle, did you see my red socks? Red, socks. I wore them the day before yesterday, and I wore them last week. If I can’t find it, I won’t be able to catch the school bus. If I can’t catch the school bus, I won’t see my kindergarten friends. If you don’t see your friends, you can’t tell them about the ending of yesterday’s cartoon. If you don’t tell them the ending, Xiao Yi will become a big liar. From now on, everyone will not play with Xiao Yi! After I said it all, my uncle was confused by the hearing, and I don’t know when the sausage in his hand dropped.

“Xiao Yi, are you looking for socks?”


“Red socks?”

“You wore them the day before yesterday?”

“You wore them last week?”

“Take them.” The uncle said. Xiao Yi handed a sock. Yellow!

“But Uncle…” Xiao Yi just wanted to say, “This is not red”, and my uncle preemptively said, “Xiao Yi doesn’t want to be called a liar, right?”

“Just talk to the little friend in the kindergarten about cartoons The ending will not be called a big liar, right?”

“As long as you catch the school bus, you can see the kindergarten children tell them that the ending is right?”

“Go ahead, the school bus will pick you up.” The

school bus just now So I stopped at the door of Xiao Yi’s house. While putting on socks for Xiao Yi, the uncle stuffed sandwiches into Xiao Yi’s schoolbag and pushed Xiao Yi to the door.

Xiao Yi, who was sitting on the school bus, took a big bite of the sandwich, and the heart that had been raised in the morning was finally put down. Although the red socks were not found, Xiao Yi would not become a “big liar”.

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