Love hidden at home

It’s going to bed, but the little frog is a little hungry. He slipped out of bed barefoot and quickly picked up the bug on the table.

“Don’t get out of bed barefoot!” “Don’t eat on the bed!” Mother screamed and chased the little frog.

Alas, the little frog obediently returned the worm to the rice bowl on the table. It’s so boring. Maybe it’s fun in other people’s homes, thought little frog.

The little frog pouted (juē), and it slipped out of the bed again. This time Mom didn’t yell-Mom was washing dishes in the kitchen.

Dad was too lazy to raise his head and take a look-the damn newspaper, so easily fascinated Dad.

The little frog slipped out of the house and sneaked into the house of the little loach (qiū).

The little loach is not honest on the bed, I saw a little frog, haha, two good friends can just play together.

Little Frog and Little Loach were playing on the bed. Although Little Loach’s mother sighed, she politely brought him snacks.

Little frog and Little Loach left plum petals on the white sheets. Although Little Loach’s father frowned, his brows quickly opened up-“It’s okay, let Little Loach’s mother wash it tomorrow.”

After playing for a while, I was going to sleep, but the little frog couldn’t sleep.

Little Loach’s family seems to be missing something.

What is missing, although I don’t understand it, the little frog remembers that it has it in his home.

Go home and bring what you want.

When the little frog returned home, his mother’s bowl hadn’t been washed, and his father’s newspaper hadn’t been finished.

No one pays attention to it.

The little frog climbed onto the bed obediently, waiting for what it wanted.

After a while, Dad stretched, and he came to the little frog’s bed.

“Baby, good night.” Dad kissed it and went back to sleep.

Ah, the little frog’s eyes lit up like an electric light bulb, and it remembered what the little loach family lacked.

After a while, the mother yawned, and it came to the little frog’s bed.

“Baby, good night.” Mother kissed it, tucked the quilt for it, and went back to sleep.

I know what other people don’t have anymore, thought the little frog. ——It turns out that there is no love from my parents in other people’s homes.

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