Lulu who loves to climb the wall

Lulu is a beautiful little tabby cat. He has lived with a blind grandmother in a small yard by the side of the road, which is covered with roses. Lu Lu helps the old woman to bring water and boil water to cook; the old woman scratches Lu Lu and tells stories. None of them can do without anyone.

Slowly, Lulu grew up and became a tall and big cat brother. Lulu became fond of climbing walls. It often squatted on the wall and looked at the path in front of the door. The path is like two winding vines, lying quietly on the field. Lulu didn’t know where it came from or where it was going.

One day, the dingling bells rang on the small road, and Lulu quickly climbed up the wall. It turned out to be an old man selling candied haws and a little black dog with bells. Lulu wanted to come closer and take a closer look at the little shining bell, but the little black dog twisted his neck with an air, and ran away. Only the grandfather smiled and nodded to Lu Lu, and put a bunch of red candied fruit in front of Lu Lu.

Lulu prefers climbing walls, and on a few occasions he almost missed setting fire to the grandmother. He wanted to be like a little black dog with a bell that would glow. Run and run along the small roads…

A few days later, the bell rang again, and the grandfather and the little black dog came again. They were resting under the big tree on the side of the road. Lulu saw an iron box that could sing on the grass. The grandfather was smoking while squinting, tapping with his feet, and the little black dog was dancing nearby. The song in that iron box is really

It sounds good. Listen, listen, Lulu jumped up too, and as he jumped, it would be great if the old lady had one too, the little yard would never be lonely anymore.

After a while, Grandpa was leaving, Lulu still stayed by the iron box and didn’t want to leave. Grandpa happily touched its head, let the little black dog take Lulu with him, and said that he would also buy a small glowing bell for him.

You can hang a small bell and go to the other side of the path to see the outside world. Lulu was so happy that he went straight to the circle. But at this moment, Lulu heard the voice of his grandmother calling it. Lu Lu was stunned. It thought of the small yard full of roses, the old grandmother was waiting for it to carry water and burn the fire, and remembered the warm palms of the old grandmother… Lulu hurriedly ran back until she climbed. After going up to the wall, I looked back twice, the old man and the little black dog had gone far, far away.

Later, the old man and the little black dog walked back and forth on the small road many times. Lulu always watched them come from the other side of the small road and walked from the other side of the small road on the wall, listening to Ding Ding over and over again. Dangdang ringtones and iron box songs. It wasn’t until one day that the old man didn’t want to go anymore, wanted to be with his grandmother, and lived in this small courtyard full of roses, that Lulu stopped climbing the wall. Grandpa also hung a shiny little bell on Lulu’s neck.

One day, Lulu was going to see the outside world with the little black dog. Early that morning, the grandma and grandpa saw them off together, the iron box sang a nice song among the flowers, and the roses in the courtyard were as red as the bride’s red turban…

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