Macaque digging well

The flaming sun was high in the sky, and the earth was almost scorched. It hasn’t rained for three consecutive months, and the water in the pond near the village is getting less and less. The water in the pond is the only source of drinking water in the whole village. How to live after the little water is used up? The animals are very anxious!

The macaque thought that it was useless to be anxious, but to dig a well to relieve his urgent need. He took out the tools from his house and started digging wells beside the big tree. Digging a well is hard work, and the macaques are out of breath after working for a while. The bear and the fox saw the macaques digging a well and walked over. The bear said coldly to the bear: “You are so thin and want to dig a well. It’s really wishful thinking. You can’t help yourself!”

The fox glanced at the macaques who were busy digging wells, and sneered: “What are you doing so hard to dig wells? Are you trying to show off? You want to be famous and crazy!”

The macaque ignored the bear and fox, and continued to dig the soil with a shovel, put it in the bamboo basket, and then climbed up, pulling up the heavy bamboo basket full of soil with a rope. The elephant saw the macaques busy digging a well and hurriedly walked over. The elephant didn’t say anything, so he went up with his long nose and pulled up the bamboo basket full of soil. With the cooperation of the elephants, the progress of the macaque digging wells has been much faster.

The bear and the fox woke up after a sleep under the big tree, feeling very thirsty, and hurried to the pond to drink water. When they came to the pond, they discovered that the little water left in the pond had long been drunk by other animals. Without drinking water for a long time, the bear and the fox felt that smoke was about to come out of their throats.

Clear water emerged from the well dug by the macaques and elephants. They lifted up a bucket and took a sip, feeling extremely cool and sweet. The macaque saw the deer, gray rabbit, and squirrel walking by, and beckoned them all to come and drink well to quench their thirst. The bear and the fox were hiding behind the big tree and secretly looking to the side of the well. They wanted to drink a well to quench their thirst, but they were embarrassed to walk over.

The macaque has long seen what the bear and fox are thinking, and said to them loudly: “Don’t be embarrassed, come and drink the well water!”

When the bear and the fox heard what the macaque said, they hurriedly jumped out from behind the big tree and flew to the well. They took the bucket that the macaque handed over, grabbing “Gudong, Gudong” and drank. After drinking the water, the bear and the fox said to the macaque, “Thank you!”

The macaque said to the bear and the fox, “Thank you, you should thank the elephant. It is impossible to dig the well so quickly without his help. Those words you said sound uncomfortable, but I take the cynicism as an incentive. It has strengthened my confidence and determination to dig a well. Therefore, I also want to thank you!”

Bear and fox, look at me, and I look at you, bowing my head in shame.

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