Magic horn

There is a zoo where little animals live.

On the day of June 1st, an old man who can do magic came to the zoo. Grandpa took out a horn and said, “What you want, just talk to the horn and it will change.”

The little monkey said, “I want a peach.” The little squirrel said, “I want a pine cone.” The little rabbit said, “I want a carrot.”

Grandpa said: “Ha, this magic horn can only ask for gifts for others, but not for yourself.”

The little monkey understood. It said to the horn: “Get a big radish for the little rabbit.” A radish appeared in the horn immediately. The little rabbit is very happy: “Thank you little monkey.”

The little rabbit said to the horn: “Give the little squirrel a pine cone.” A pine cone immediately appeared in the horn. The little squirrel said to the horn: “Give the little monkey a big peach.” A big peach immediately appeared in the horn.

With this magic horn in the zoo, the little animals are happier.

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