Magic path

There is a small road, and I don’t like staying in the same place all the time.

The night elf knew what Xiaolu was up to and wanted to help him fulfill his wish.

“Maliyah!” she said.

This is the magic word! In the blink of an eye, countless feet grew on the path and ran happily.

When the day was about to dawn, the path was tired, lay down in a small wood, and fell asleep sweetly.

In the fresh morning, the frog was walking on this magical path, and he was going to visit his good friend Toad. Suddenly, the frog stopped by a small hole.

“Who is inside?” the frog shouted.

“It’s me, my name is Pic.” A mole crawled out of the hole.

“Doesn’t Toad live on the side of the road? Did he move?” The frog was puzzled. But he was very happy to see the mole, and the mole was also very happy to see the frog. They talked happily and became a pair of new friends.

In the evening, Xiaolu danced passionately in the forest, and did not lie down to rest until dawn.

At dawn, the frog hurriedly ran down the path to the small hole again. He lay at the entrance of the hole like yesterday and enthusiastically shouted into it: “Bick, I’m here, I’m a frog!”

“No! I’m not Pic, I’m Ahu.” An earthworm crawled out of the hole.

The frog was very surprised. He said, “Bick, why did you become an earthworm? And you changed your name?”

“I was originally called Ahu.” The earthworm was very angry. “I was originally an earthworm!”

It turned out to be like this! The frog is very sorry: “I’m sorry! I made a mistake.”

The frog and the earthworm became a new pair of good friends. They walked together. The earthworm told the frog many stories from the ground, and the frog also told the earthworm many stories on the ground.

Time flies! The night came again, and the frog and the earthworm reluctantly said goodbye and went home respectively.

In the evening, the naughty path changed to a rest place.

On the third day, the frog woke up as soon as it was light. He dressed quickly, ate breakfast quickly, and ran to the hole quickly.

The frog ran and thought: Who will crawl out of the hole today?

Where is the little hole? Why is the small hole missing? After searching carefully for a long time, the frog finally found a small hole on the side of the road.

“Come out, my friend!” The frog yelled at the entrance of the cave.

“Come out, my friend!” The frog’s echo came from the small hole.

The frog yelled over and over again, and the echo in the small hole rang over and over again. There is no Piccolo, no Ahu, and no other friends crawling out of the hole.

The frog is so disappointed!

“I have to go down and take a look.” The frog crawled into the hole cautiously.

Suddenly, a familiar voice came from the entrance of the cave: “Who is inside?”

The frog replied immediately: “It’s me, the frog!”

The frog jumped out of the hole.

Ah! Standing in front of him was a good friend Toad! Toad looked at the frog in surprise and said, “Frog, have you moved? Why haven’t you come to see me these past two days?”

“Oh, this little hole kept me!” said the frog, holding the toad’s arm affectionately.

The two good friends are playing together happily.

Where will the magic trail go tonight? Are there any new friends hiding in the small hole on the side of the road?

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