Mika Dessert House

There is a very famous dessert house in Youyou Valley called Mika Dessert House. It has a cream-colored roof, mango-colored walls, and a taro-colored floor… The whole dessert shop is actually made of a big delicious cake. The showcase made of rock sugar is full of exquisite desserts. All the desserts that you can name but cannot be named can be found here.

All the residents of Youyougu remember that the day when the dessert shop opened, the sweet smell almost filled the entire Youyougu, and even the air became sweet and greasy. This scent shocked all the animals in the gloomy valley, and even the most stable village head Grizzly found here following the scent.

However, to everyone’s surprise, the owner of the dessert shop is actually Minnie the mouse. Every animal in the valley knows that Minnie is an out-and-out glutton! He can even smell the pine cones buried in the ground. But no one knows when Minnie will make desserts.

Wearing a big chef hat on her head, Minnie stood on the glass cabinet and introduced a dessert to Jerry Rabbit like a real chef. Jerry’s eyes were fixed on the dessert, his saliva dripped on the floor.

Since the dessert shop opened, the business has been very good. No matter how many desserts are made every day, they will be sold out early. The reputation of Mika’s Dessert House has even spread to the Dark Jungle. It is said that Camus, the lion of the jungle, also knows that there is a delicious dessert house in the valley.

In Youyougu, when everyone talks about the dark jungle, the voice will be much quieter, because it is completely different from theyouyougu. The trees there are so dense and so tall that they almost obscure the sky. None of the animals in the glen dared to approach it, because it is a paradise for carnivores.

Fortunately, there is a wide and deep river between the glen and the dark jungle. Legend has it that even Camus, the greatest king of the jungle, could not cross it.

The residents of Youyou Valley are enjoying the delicious desserts with peace of mind. Mika Dessert House has become an inseparable part of Youyou Valley. But yesterday Mika Dessert House was closed. No one knows why. Not only that, even the chef Minnie was missing.

Everyone has long been accustomed to the sweet smell of the air in the quiet valley, and now the quiet valley without the dessert house is like a flower that has lost its fragrance. Many animals make wishes to the stars in the sky, looking forward to the opening of the dessert house tomorrow.

But in fact, because the rainy season is approaching, Minnie wants to migrate with his family to the cool forest far away from the secluded valley. He can no longer continue to run the dessert house. Minnie originally planned to close the dessert shop directly, but the stars who listened to the wishes of the residents of the valley, told him everyone’s wishes.

Minnie thought for a long time and decided to find his partner and let him continue to run Mika Dessert House. Minnie walked along the flat road without stopping until the end. Without hesitation, he walked into a thick grass, which was the road to the dark jungle, and Minnie walked to the riverside before stopping.

He sat there quietly, waiting for his partner to arrive. Before long, a figure walked from the depths of the dark jungle. He was so mighty and tall, and his fluffy mane made him look very proud. He crossed the big river lightly, and came to Minnie in a few steps: “Sorry, I’m late.”

It turned out that Minnie’s partner was Camus, the king of the jungle. Moreover, Camus is the chef who makes desserts.

Camus has liked to eat sweet things since he was a child. When his brothers and sisters compete for fresh meat, he is only interested in sweet things. Later he grew up slowly and became the bravest and strongest king of the dark jungle, but he still only liked desserts.

But he dared not let everyone discover that the king of the jungle did not eat meat, but only liked desserts. He always secretly makes all kinds of delicious desserts and then eats them. And Minnie was attracted by the sweet smell before she discovered Camus’ secret.

The taste is so good that Minnie didn’t realize that she had actually come to the dark jungle. He was frightened by Camus’s appearance at first, but after accepting the invitation to taste Camus’s dessert, Minnie praised him greatly. They hit it off and opened a dessert shop together. Minnie is responsible for the daily operation of the dessert shop, while Camus has been the chef until now.

“I’m leaving, I can’t run the dessert shop anymore.” Minnie lay on Camus’s ear, knowing that his size and voice were too small for Camus.

“What about the dessert house?” Camus was very happy to be able to share his desserts with other animals. If there was no Mika dessert house, he would have to taste it himself in the future.

“You can continue to operate. Actually, Camus, you can be the king of the jungle. It must be easy for you to take care of that little shop. It’s not a shame to like desserts, isn’t it?”

Mika Dessert House reopened after closing for a day. However, what makes everyone strange is that the owner of the dessert shop is no longer Minnie, but has become a quirky guy. He was wearing a big coat, a thick scarf, and even a mask and sunglasses. You know, this is summer!

“I have a cold.” The new boss explained to everyone in an annoying voice. His voice was very low, even much deeper than the Grizzly Village Chief.

Although the residents of Youyou Valley feel strange, since the desserts are still the same, they don’t care about this strangely dressed and talkative new boss anymore.

That day, Jerry Rabbit hurried to the dessert shop. The carrots in his yard are ripe, and he has been busy all day before harvesting them. He is so hungry now that he just wants to have a good meal.

He hurriedly opened the door of the dessert house, but after seeing Camus who had not dressed himself up, he turned to escape. Camus leaped forward and pressed Jerry firmly to his feet. He just wanted to open his mouth and say something when Jerry rolled his eyes and fainted.

“Are you okay? Wake up, wake up…” Camus just wanted to explain to Jerry, but he didn’t expect him to be like this. He carried Jerry to the kitchen, trying to pour him a glass of water, but at this moment, Jerry jumped up and rushed out quickly.

In less than a day, all the animals knew that the new owner of Mika Dessert House was Camus, the King of the Jungle, and his desserts were made with everyone’s meat.

“He got me into the kitchen, he must want to chop me up to make dessert…” Jerry said with a shiver. The residents of the valley gathered together in fear, wondering how to escape Camus’ chase. Every animal knows that Camus is the fiercest guy in the Dark Forest, and no animal can escape from his mouth.

Camus knew that things were going bad when Jerry Rabbit fled, and the dessert house Minnie had worked so hard to manage will definitely not be patronized by anyone. He wanted to pack his things and leave the glen, but stopped when he thought of Minnie. Minnie believed him very much. He felt that he should try again. Maybe everyone would revisit him after they found that he was different from the legendary one.

He no longer pretends to be himself, and makes more delicious desserts every day. But after many days, no one patronized here. Camus was a little discouraged to tidy up the cakes in the showcase. They were not so delicious anymore and had to throw them away.

“Are you going to throw away these desserts?” Just as Camus put the desserts in the trash bag, the courageous sika deer stood outside the store and asked Camus.

“Yeah, because they are not as delicious as they were when they first came out of the oven, they have been left for too long.”

“Why don’t everyone come to eat? They smell so delicious.” Xiao Xiao took a deep breath.

“Because of me.” Camus scratched his mane and laughed. “Probably because I’m so scary.”

Xiao Xiao walked into the dessert shop and looked at Camus carefully. After a long time, she nodded seriously: “Well, you look so scary. But you must be a good person, otherwise, how could you make such a delicious dessert?”

“Do you like it?” Camus was immediately happy. “Actually, I have made a lot. Would you like to try it?”

“Yeah!” Xiao Xiao nodded heavily, “Thank you.”

Everyone watched Xiao Xiao talk to Camus from a distance, they thought Camus would eat Xiao Xiao mercilessly. Unexpectedly, Camus invited Xiao Xiao to eat dessert and gave her a big bag for free.

“He must want to eat Xiao Xiao next time, or want to eat more animals.”

But after a while, more and more animals came to Mika’s dessert house, and Camus was so enthusiastic to entertain them.

Everyone finally discovered that Camus was completely different from the legend, he was the king of the jungle who loved desserts. The reputation of Mika Dessert House in the quiet valley is getting more and more popular. Every animal knows that its boss is Camus, the king of the jungle, and that Camus is a very kind lion, and his dessert craftsmanship is superb!

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