Mimi’s new clothes

Mimi is a poor little ant. Since losing her father and mother, she has never worn new clothes.

Snow drifts, the new year is here, kids, wear a new jacket.

It’s another new year. The children hopped and sang songs, waiting for the New Year.

Mimi stood sadly at the window and wiped her tears.

Jingle bells! Who will knock on the door? Mimi wiped away her tears and opened the door to take a look. Hey, it’s the little ant from the neighbor, Tintin. ”Mimi, hello, tomorrow is the first day of the Chinese New Year. Come and eat dumplings at my house! “Ding Ding said sincerely.

“This, is this appropriate? I, I…” Mimi didn’t know what to say. He was very moved, but a little embarrassed.

Ding Ding said: “Mimi, come on! My mother asked me to invite you.”

“Thank you!” Mimi was warm in her heart. But, wearing dirty and old clothes, how come to Ding Ding’s house! Mimi lowered her head and fiddled with the corners of her clothes, tears in her eyes.

Ding Ding looked in his eyes, he patted Mimi’s shoulder and said, “I’m done, I must go!” After speaking, Ding Ding left.

Mimi woke up early the next morning. A lot of scents floated in from the window.

“But Ding Dong! Someone knocked on the door.” So early, who is it? “Mimi opened the door, it turned out to be Tintin.

“Mimi, I gave it to you. Put it on. Does it look right?” Ding Ding took out a beautiful black jacket from behind.

So beautiful, Mimi couldn’t believe her eyes. “Give it to me?” He was so excited that he couldn’t speak.

Tintin helped Mimi put on a jacket, ah, Mimi is so energetic, so beautiful! Ding Ding said: “Let’s go, my mother has made the dumplings, waiting for us to eat!”

“You are so kind to me!” Mimi trembled, not cold, but happiness.

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