Miss Blue Crab opens a cutting shop

Miss Blue Crab (pánɡ) Crab (xiè) lives in Happy Village, but she is not happy at all because she doesn’t like her hands.

Her hands do not have the dexterity of Miss Monkey, the jié of Mr. Frog, and the strength of Mr. Elephant.

Miss Blue Crab felt uncomfortable, and she decided to leave Happy Village.

She thought: Why does an unhappy person live in a happy village?

She walked to the grass outside the village sullenly, and saw the baby rabbit crying and losing her temper (pí), mother rabbit stamped her foot in anxious manner.

“Don’t worry, Mother Rabbit.” Miss Blue Crab found a piece of cardboard and cut and cut it with two big hands. “Kā) 嚓 (chā) khacha” cut out a fun big windmill.

“Thank you, Miss Blue Crab,” said Mama Rabbit (zàn), “Your hands are so clever!”

Miss Lan Crab continued (jì) continued (xù) to move forward, she felt that she didn’t feel uncomfortable anymore.

Suddenly, she heard a shout: “Help!”

Oops, the baby chicken fell into the well!

Mother chicken’s scarf is too short, and it can’t reach the baby chicken.

“Don’t worry, Mama Chicken.” Miss Blue Crab took Mama Chicken’s scarf and cut and cut it with two big hands. A rectangular scarf turned into several small rectangular scarves.

Then, she tied these small scarves one by one and turned them into a long rope.

Haha, baby chicken has been rescued!

“Thank you, Miss Blue Crab,” the mother chicken praised, “your hands are so clever!”

At this time, Miss Blue Crab suddenly felt very happy.

She thought: Why doesn’t a happy person return to the happy village?

So she turned around and ran back to Happy Village quickly.

Miss Blue Crab opened a cái (cái) scissors shop in Happy Village.

She made a round floral dress for the piáo insect girl, a square hat for the man (tánɡ) and a triangular silk scarf for the sparrow aunt…

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