Mole’s Gift

Wow, what fragrance is overflowing?

The little mole in the hole was sleeping soundly. It opened its eyes and followed the place where the fragrance floated. It sniffed while smelling it, and suddenly there was something fragrant on the tip of its nose. Is this a rose? It was intoxicated. I wanted to touch it with my small paw, but he took it back again.
After returning home, the little Mole couldn’t forget the shiny thing hanging, but only occasionally came to look at it, and he was satisfied with the smell.

One day, the little Mole couldn’t bear to ask his mother: “What is that fragrant thing? In the rose garden, is it a rose fruit?”

Mother Mole was amused by the little Mole: “That is the food that people eat in autumn, and like a mole, we must prepare some fruits for the winter.”

“Oh!” Little Mole nodded thoughtfully.

Yes, when the wind blows, especially at dusk, the whole yard is filled with the smell of fragrance. It is the sausages that are dried in the autumn at Granny Hua’s house, one after another hanging on the rose bushes.

Since then, Little Mole has always been diligent in collecting fruits, planning to visit that family seriously, and always leave some autumn leaves, wildflowers, and rocks every time it quietly passes by. Something that Mole likes.

One day, Little Mole saw this note: At dusk at the end of the month, please come to the rose garden, Granny Flower.

The little Mole’s heart blossomed with joy, and it looked forward with hope.

It turned out that Granny Hua had already seen everything in the window. She planned to let Little Mole take some home in the evening when the flower intestines were sun-dried, and also prepared winter gifts for it.

That evening seemed to have arrived early, and the little mole took a basket of fruits and walked on the path leading to the rose garden.

“Hello, little mole.” Granny Hua poked her head and said hello.

“Hello, Granny Flower.” Little Mole responded crampedly.

“Is this the gift you brought? Thank you.” She took the fruit, and I also brought the gift. You see, there are flower intestines, some rice, and a pink scarf…

She opened the exquisite box, which was filled with fragrant flower intestines, shining, and the mother-in-law Hua also thoughtfully cut into small pieces. The rice is white and flowery, like snow. The scarf shawl is small and the size is just right.

Little Mole was grateful, and it met a kind mother-in-law. After some thanks, it went home with the gift contentedly.

Soon the snow fell, and December arrived.

The cave was warm and the scent of flower intestine overflowed. It had a pleasant winter with mom and dad.

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