Monkey type

One day, the little monkey found a page of a book on the road with many words on it. It took this page home.

When passing by Uncle Niu’s house, I saw Uncle Niu was digging a pit. The little monkey yelled sweetly: “Uncle Niu, what are you doing digging a pit?”

Uncle Niu said: “I want to plant the fruit in this basket. When the fruit sprouts and the tree grows, the animals will have more fruit to eat.”

The little monkey also dug a pit in front of his house, and planted all the words on that page of the book into the pit. It thought: As long as these words sprout and the big tree grows, animals will have an endless book.

A few days later, the characters planted by the little monkey sprouted. It grows fast, and it has grown into a big tree in just a few days. The strange thing is that its leaves are all words, and the fruit that it bears is also words. The word leaf is green, and the word fruit is red or yellow.

Each leaf and each fruit is a different word. Reading from this leaf together is a fairy tale, and then reading from another leaf is another fairy tale. Combining different words gives different stories.

The little monkey moved out a chair and sat under the word tree, listening to the bird singing, eating fresh fruit, and reading the story.

The news that the little monkey planted a word tree was spread, and soon animals from the entire forest flocked to the little monkey’s house to look at the word tree.

The little monkey took out all the chairs at home, put them under the tree, and let the animals sit down and read books.

From then on, the animals in the forest no longer have to worry about not having a book.

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