Monkey wearing gloves

A monkey came into the city to play, and saw men and women wearing gloves, which looked pretty. The monkey went into the store and bought himself a pair of gloves.

Back in the forest, the monkey put on the colorful gloves and showed off everywhere: “Come and see, everyone, how beautiful my gloves are!”

Myna Bird echoed and said: “Yeah, yeah, how beautiful! How beautiful!”

The little orangutan who likes to flatter said: “Hey, Brother Monkey! Today you look very energetic when you wear gloves, both graceful and chic!”

Only the older donkey said disapprovingly: “Gloves are special products for humans, and our animals should not be used mechanically. Monkeys wear gloves, I think it is a bit nondescript.”

When the monkey heard what the donkey said, he cursed:

“You stupid donkey know what! I think you are too jealous.”

Within a few days, the monkey fell and was seriously injured and was admitted to the hospital. The reason was that he wore gloves on the tree and couldn’t hold the branch, so he fell from the tree.

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