Mother bear becomes a little girl

That magical seed exploded on a Sunday. Child bear thought it was strange, but father bear thought it was not strange at all.

The bear kid asked Daddy Bear: “Why do the seeds explode?”

Papa Xiong said: “I don’t know either. Because there is no answer in the book “One Million Why”. I think magical things are different from ordinary things, and sometimes they can’t be explained!”

Bear kids don’t care about why, why is there a lot of them, and there is a mess in their minds. He prefers to go

Observe for yourself. Since this is a miraculous seed, then surely, there will be miraculous things happening.

At the beginning, the two small leaves remained silent. A week has passed, still so high, still so big.

When the bear child was about to frustrate, father bear cheered him up.

Father Bear said: “I will observe with you. Look, these two leaves look like you and me!”

The bear child said: “What about my mother?”

Father Bear said: “Haha, you can’t forget your mother, your mother, maybe it will be there too.”

In the second week, the two leaves began to grow, and they changed every day. In less than a month, the tree grew taller and taller, and the bear child had to look up to see the treetops.

Many, many leaves have grown out.

Many birds have built nests in the trees.

One night, the bear child was in his sleep when he suddenly smelled a peculiar fragrance, as if his mother’s perfume bottle had opened.

The bear child sniffed, oh, it smells so good.

The child bear said: “Mom, your perfume bottle forgot to cap it.”

Mother Bear turned over and said, “No, go to sleep!”

The bear child couldn’t sleep, so he turned over and went to his mother’s dressing table. He found that his mother’s perfume bottle was fine. But where does this fragrance come from?

The bear kid walked around the house and accidentally knocked over a vase.

“Wow!” The vase was broken.

Mother Bear immediately sat up, “Oh, you daredevil, you broke something!”

Father Bear smiled and said, “I know, it’s a vase. Oh, it’s weird, what’s so fragrant?”

Mother Bear was going to be angry, but she also smelled a tangy fragrance.

Mother Bear said: “It’s not perfume, it’s more pure than the smell of perfume. Don’t sleep, let’s look for it and see where the fragrance comes from!”

Papa Bear’s family all carried flashlights and turned them on.

Suddenly, on the tree outside the yard, a large sound of birds called, as if the birds were playing a concert.

Father Bear said: “Strange, birds barking in the middle of the night, this is something that has never happened before!

The bear child exclaimed: “I know, it must be that magical tree!”

The child bear jumped and ran out, and the father bear followed closely, and the mother bear walked at the back.

When they came under the magical tree, they shone their flashlights on the tree together.

Ah, Kazuki’s flowers are in full bloom.

The flowers are all the same size, but the color of this flower is colorful, there are red, blue, green, purple, pink, and there are all the colors we can tell.

Dad grinned, “Hehehe, hehehe, I said this kind of thing is magical, look at this magical thing.

Take one! ”

Mother Bear said: “Oh, it seems you have the foresight. Such a magical flower, I must write an invitation letter and invite my friends to share it.”

Papa Bear said: “No need to write, no need to write!”

Mother Xiong said: “Why? You are usually very generous, why are you becoming stingy now?”

The child bear said: “Mom, you write the invitation letter and I will send it!”

Father Bear said: “No need, no, look, how many messengers are there in the tree?”

The birds on the tree replied together: “Mother Bear, no, no, we will deliver the message to you!”

Mother Bear said: “Then I will pick one and put it next to my pillow. My dream must be very beautiful!”

The birds said: “Very beautiful, very beautiful, very beautiful!”

The child bear helped his mother pick a purple flower. He knew that her mother liked purple flowers and everything purple. Mother Bear said that purple represents nobility.

The breeze was blowing gently, and the moonlight was shining softly, and the birds slowly fell silent. The family of Papa Bear also returned home,

Continue to dream about them.

Mother Bear put the flowers next to the pillow and fell asleep soon. She dreamed that when she was a child, she went to the ridge to pick flowers alone. When she picked one, she exclaimed: “It’s so beautiful!”

Mother Bear often tells Father Bear and Child Bear that when she was a child, wild flowers were in full bloom in the fields. If possible, she would really like to go back to that time and relive the happy time.

“It’s so beautiful!” Mother Bear rolled over.

“It’s so beautiful!” Mother Bear rolled over again.

One night, the mother bear did not know how many bodies she turned over. In her dream, mother bear did not know how many flowers she picked.

At dawn, both father bear and child bear were stupid. They looked at Mother Bear in amazement, as if they didn’t know each other.

Mother Bear asked strangely: “What’s the matter? You don’t recognize me anymore?”

The child bear said: “Mom, how did you become a kid?”

Mother Bear said: “No, you are kidding, how can it be!”

While talking, Mother Bear brought the mirror over. When she saw herself in the mirror, she was suddenly stunned.

Isn’t it? The mother bear in the mirror suddenly changed back to her former self.

Mother Bear didn’t know whether it was happy or sad. She suddenly burst into tears: “What to do, what to do?” She couldn’t wear all of her clothes.

Mother Bear has become a little girl, what will happen to her life in the future?

No one knows.

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