Mother don’t go

Mother Pig took Little Pig Dudu to the door of the kindergarten, ready to leave, Duduwa burst into tears, “Mom don’t go.”

Mother Pig turned around and gently picked up Dudu, stroking her head and said: “Mom won’t leave. Mom is going to another place to wait for Dudu. After school, mother will come to pick Dudu.”

“Don’t mother go to other places to wait for Dudu, mom waits for Dudu here.” Little Pig Dudu said and continued to cry.

The teacher came over and hugged Dudu tenderly, “Baby Dudu, do you want to keep seeing your mother and don’t want her to leave.”

Well, Dudu nodded aggrievedly with tears in her eyes.

The teacher has a good way to use magical magic. Speaking, the teacher handed Little Pig Dudu a long magic wand.

After the teacher asked her mother to hug Dudu and formally say goodbye, she hugged Dudu to the front of the kindergarten photo wall, picked up Dudu’s little hand and waved the magic wand, change, where is Dudu’s mother?

Little Pig Dudu saw his mother’s smile and laughed in relief.

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