Mouse eating banana

One morning, two bad mice wanted to steal bananas. Their first goal was Xiao Ni’s house.

The two little mice crept to Xiao Ni’s house, worried about being discovered by Xiao Ni. At this time, Xiao Ni was about to eat bananas and found two bad mice stealing bananas! She wanted to catch these two bad mice, but the mice stole the banana and escaped!

Xiaoni couldn’t catch the mouse, but almost fell. She said angrily: “You guys wait and see!”

Of the two mice, one is called Tongtong and the other is called Honghong. Honghong said to Tongtong, “Let’s make friends with the fierce girl just now!” Tongtong asked, “Why should we be friends with her?”

Hong Hong said: “Because she has the best banana in the world!”

Because Xiao Ni has bananas, the two mice especially want to make friends with Xiao Ni.

However, Xiao Nicole doesn’t want to be friends with the two mice, because they are small and have no clothes to wear. How can they be friends?

At noon one day, Xiaoni saw that two mice were very pitiful. They were different from other mice. They did nothing bad. They only like bananas. And they only like bananas from Xiaoni’s house. Now the mice can’t eat their favorite. Something out.

In the evening, Xiaoni picked two bananas and put them in the mouse hole. She said, “Come out and eat, I have the best banana!” Two mice came out: “Are you really not catching us?”

Xiaoni said: “No! Let’s be friends from today!” The mouse said: “Okay! We will be friends from today.”

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