Mouse shaking hands with lion

Early in the morning, the fat crocodile came to ask his good friends: “What game are we playing together today?”

“Let’s play hide-and-seek! Hide-and-seek is the happiest thing,” said the mouse. Little mouse likes to play hide and seek games most. He is small, wherever he hides, no one else can find it.

“Don’t play hide-and-seek.” The little rabbit said, “I just played yesterday.”

Chubby Bear said: “Let’s paint, my good friend lion is a very beautiful and great lion.”

“Wow!” hedgehog and fat crocodile says, “it’s a good idea to draw too much fun.”

“I’m afraid.” little mouse said, “If the lion loses his temper, will not put us all to eat?”

“only No, he is a very gentle lion.” Chubby Bear said and went out to find his good friend Lion.

After a while, the fat crocodile and his friends came to the big oak tree and gave a portrait of the lion.

The lion greeted everyone very politely and sat under the big tree and asked everyone to give him a portrait.

The friends all gathered around the lion, raised their paintbrushes and began to paint seriously.

I only heard the brush screaming on the paper… The

fat crocodile checked how everyone was drawing. The rabbits, hedgehogs, and chubby bears all painted well. The fat crocodile stopped beside the little mouse and said, “Little mouse, what are you painting?”

Everyone gathered around and the little mouse drew the lion as a fierce cat and laughed. .

Hearing everyone’s laughter, the lion said, “Can I see it too?” The

fat crocodile handed the little mouse’s painting to the lion.

The lion opened his mouth and smiled when he looked at the painting. He said, “Am I a cat? Am I so fierce? I am a very gentle lion.”

“The lion never bullies anyone!” said Fat Bear. “Don’t even the mouse bully?” the little mouse asked boldly.

“I never bully mice. I have many mouse friends.” The lion still smiled gently. The little mouse said embarrassedly: “I want to redraw one.”

Everyone’s paintings were finished, and the lions looked at them one by one.

He pointed to the little mouse’s painting and said, “I like this one the most. The little mouse painted me so mighty and gentle. Can this painting be given to me? I want to hang it on my wall.”

“Of course. Yes, the little mouse said happily, “I will draw a better one in the future.”

“Thank you, little mouse!” The lion stretched out his big hand and shook the mouse’s small hand vigorously.

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