Mouth-mouthed bunny

There is a little bunny, very cute, but always angry.

For example: I am angry when I put something I don’t like to eat on the table;

Get angry when you don’t get what you like;

Don’t ask for toys in other people’s hands, get angry;

My own things are distributed to others by my mother, angry…

In short, there are many reasons why Bunny is angry…

Every time he gets angry, the little bunny’s mouth tilts upward. Gradually, it became a bunny with a raised mouth.

Later, one day, a little pig ran over and said, “Come and play with me.”

The little rabbit happened to have no friends, so he went out to play with the little pig.

“Why are you so small?” Little Pig asked.

“I’m a little rabbit, the little rabbit is so small.” The little rabbit replied.

“Haha, you are not a little rabbit, you are a little pig. No, you are a little pig.”

Little Bunny didn’t believe it. Passing by the river, the little rabbit took a photo in the water: God, when did the mouth grow so long and so raised? so ugly!

The little rabbit started to cry. Little pig comforted him: “Don’t cry, don’t cry, there is nothing wrong with being a pig.”

The little rabbit felt that piglet made sense, and stopped crying.

They came to a muddy pond, and the pig said: “Let’s go take a bath.”

After speaking, the piglet rolled in the mud.

The little pig played for a long time, but when he saw that the little rabbit refused to go down, he arched his mouth and arched the little rabbit down the mud pond.

The muddy pond was sticky and smelly, and the little rabbit struggled desperately, except for making his body more dirty, and couldn’t get on the shore.

After a long time, the little rabbit crawled out of the mud puddle, feeling extremely hungry.

Little pig said: “It’s easy to handle when hungry, let’s go find something to eat.”

The pig used his nose to smell as he walked, arching his mouth against the ground from time to time.

The little bunny also learned to do that, but in addition to making his mouth sore, he couldn’t find anything to eat.

“No, I want to go back to the little rabbit!”

The little rabbit ran home quickly and gave himself a hot bath. This time, he was not angry.

Since then, the little rabbit is no longer willful.

Since then, the little rabbit is no longer angry.

Before long, the little rabbit became a cute little rabbit again. Of course, the mouth was gone.

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