Mr. Douding

Mr. Douding likes to take advantage of others. At first, he just took advantage of others. Later, he was completely whimsical and said that if one day I didn’t spend any money, it would be great to be able to travel around the world. People laughed at him for his stupidity, but he didn’t find his thoughts ridiculous at all.

A liar found out about this, so he came to Mr. Douding.

The liar said: “There is good news. You can travel around the world without spending a penny. Would you like to participate in such a good thing?”

Douding was very happy when he heard it, “Ah! What a good news! Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Please tell me what I should do to do it?”

“It’s very simple. As long as you give me your personal information, I will go to register for you. Two days later I will bring all the documents and tickets you need so that you can travel. However, the number of places is limited. I have to do it for you. Act now.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll give it to you right away.” Mr. Douding took out his personal information to the liar.

At this time, the liar said: “Sir, you see me as the introducer of running errands, should you give me an intermediary fee of 500 yuan?”

Mr. Douding thought for a while and felt that the agency fee of 500 yuan was insignificant compared to traveling around the world. So he opened his wallet and took 500 yuan to the crook.

The liar left with the money and materials. When he left, he comforted Mr. Duding not to be anxious. The result will be known in two days.

Mr. Douding waited for two days. The liar came. He brought a beautifully packaged box and said to Mr. Douding, “Here are your various certificates and bills. Please keep them. Everything you want to know is in it. In the manual, but sir, it is inevitable to eat and sleep when traveling, so they must charge accommodation and food, which is about two thousand yuan. I will pay it for you, and you have to give me the money.”

Mr. Douding thought for a while, anyway, it is free to travel the world, what is the value of the money? So he gave the liar two thousand yuan. The scammer slipped away after taking the money.

When Mr. Douding opened the box eagerly, he found that it was a map of the world. The liar wrote on a note: Dear Mr. Douding, you can travel the world without spending too much time, I wish you a pleasant journey!

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