Mr. Miller’s baby

Mr. Miller often said to others: “I am the richest man in the world!”

His words spread and spread to the ears of a robber. The bandit was happy when he heard it. He thought: As a bandit, the happiest thing for me is to steal other people’s treasures. Since Mr. Miller is the richest man in the world, there must be a lot of treasures in their family. Go check it out!

The robber said he wanted to see, but it wasn’t really just to see. On a dark night, the robber made all the preparations. He dressed himself as a tree and quietly stood outside the window of Mr. Miller’s house.

Mr. Miller was reading a book in his study. He seemed to have seen something exciting and started reading aloud while holding the book. The robber doesn’t like reading, he only cares about how many treasures Mr. Miller has in his house, and where are these treasures hidden. However, in Mr. Miller’s study, apart from a whole room of large and small, thick and thin books, it seems that there is nothing valuable anymore.

“Perhaps, Mr. Miller’s baby is not hidden in the study, I will observe again.” The robber dressed as a tree looked around. Suddenly, he felt that something was next to him under his feet.

The robber looked down and saw that it was a hen.

“Oh my God, I know that all normal hens shouldn’t lay eggs at this time. At least they should wait until the sun rises. But today’s events are so exciting for me. I have never heard such an exciting sentence. !” The hen said to herself, her face flushed with excitement.

Then, she laid an egg, a golden egg with a very large whole body!

The most amazing thing is that as soon as the egg was born, she read a poem: Dark night/I should have been lying quietly/A wonderful phrase/Awakened the sleeping goddess/So a magical fairy tale was born!

The robber saw all this, he was dumbfounded with excitement, and stopped breathing for a full minute. The robber’s instinct made him hug the hen at his feet when he regained consciousness: “It turns out that Mr. Miller’s baby is under my feet!”

The robber carried the hen home excitedly. However, the result of waiting for him is that no matter what method he adopts: coaxing, threatening or even beating and scolding, the hen never lays an egg that can recite poetry again. Later, the hen sneaked back to Mr. Miller’s house while the robber was not paying attention, because she was used to falling asleep listening to Mr. Miller’s reading every day. If one day does not hear, she will suffer from insomnia.

After the hen was gone, the robber was very angry. He decided to visit Mr. Miller’s house again to steal some treasures again.

This time, the robber dressed himself up as a dog, because the tree can only stand in one place, and the dog can walk around at will, so it is more convenient to find the baby.

The robber dressed up very much like a dog, he blinded everyone. The dog dressed as a robber walked around in Mr. Miller’s house casually. From time to time, he pretended to smell here and there, in order to make himself more like a dog. The robber disguised as a dog found that Mr. Miller’s house was empty except for the study, and his house didn’t even have a decent sofa.

The dog dressed as the robber went to the study again. Mr. Miller had been busy during the day, and now he was asleep quietly leaning on the chair, with a book in his hand. On a desk not far from Mr. Miller, a conch was gently singing to Mr. Miller.

“Oh my God, I finally found a baby. This singing conch should be able to sell for a lot of money!” The dog dressed as a robber quickly picked up the conch on the desk and hurriedly left Mr. Miller’s house.

However, when Conch arrived at the robber’s house, he never sang anymore. “I only sing to people who love books!” No matter what the robbers do: coax, threaten or even beat and scold, Conch closed his mouth tightly and resolutely refused to sing to the robber.

The robber had no choice but to dress up as a dog again and returned the conch to Mr. Miller.

“Since Mr. Miller always says that he is the richest man in the world, there must be many treasures hidden in his family, and I must find them all this time!” The robber decided to dress himself up as a samurai. If he can’t find the treasure he needs this time, he will fight with Mr. Miller, then defeat Mr. Miller, and then force him to hand over the treasure.

The robber dressed as a warrior wore a tall hat, which covered the robber’s eyes, so that he had to lift the hat up with his hands every step of the way. Suddenly, because there was no time to lift the hat, the hat covered his eyes, and the robber hit a “wall”.

After the robber lifted his hat up, he glared angrily at the “wall” in front of him. Suddenly, the robber found that the “wall” was really interesting. The pattern of each wall tile was different: “Oh my God, the book! The whole wall is made of books!” The

robber was attracted by the pattern on the book. , Involuntarily took them down, opened them and read them. He was made to laugh by some of the stories in the book, and he was moved to tears by some of the stories, and he sighed deeply for some of the sad stories.

“Hello, samurai, welcome you. Are you here to fight me?” At some point, Mr. Miller appeared in front of the samurai dressed as a robber. It turned out that the robber had come to Mr. Miller’s study.

“Well, hello, I am busy now… I have no time to entertain you… We will fight again next time.” The robber read the book with relish, without lifting his head.

Later, the robber and Mr. Miller became good friends. He often came to Mr. Miller’s study to read books and found that the world in the book was really interesting!

Of course, later, the robber was no longer a robber, because he never robbed or stolen anything.

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