Mr. Mole’s little black umbrella

A Mr. Mole moved into the town. Whenever he goes out, he always wears a neat gown, big sunglasses, and a small black umbrella.

Judging from his appearance, Mr. Mole is a very stylish gentleman. Therefore, when the residents of the town saw him, they would greet him enthusiastically: “Mr. Mole, hello!” But every time, Mr. Mole just wrinkled his little nose and simply replied: “Hello!”

Over time, the residents gradually said something:

“He never took the initiative to greet us!”

“On a sunny day, I always hold an umbrella, and I’m too pretentious.”

“It’s really hard to understand!”

That night, the little black umbrella Mr. Mole had placed at the door disappeared.

For several days, the residents did not see Mr. Mole. Perhaps Mr. Mole left the town quietly.

Just when the residents of the town almost forgot Mr. Mole, a heavy rain suddenly arrived. The gloomy sky seemed to be suppressed, and the big raindrops pounded on the ground, and the residents hurriedly hid in their comfort nests.

The courier Frog is still busy delivering the last few packages with a big lotus leaf. When he passed by the door of Mr. Mole’s house, he suddenly stopped.

In the rain curtain, he saw a vague figure sitting on the steps in front of Mr. Mole’s house, his face up, unobstructed, just exposed to the dense heavy rain.

That’s right, it’s Mr. Mole, the Mr. Mole who has disappeared for a long time.

“Mr. Mole, get in the house quickly, you will catch a cold like this!” The frog hurriedly stepped forward and blocked the rain falling on Mr. Mole with a big lotus leaf.

“I like the sky…” Mr. Mole said suddenly, “At this time, I can look up at the sky to my heart’s content.”

“But it’s raining now, and you will see the real sky on a sunny day.” Frog advised.

“I can’t see the sky on a sunny day!” Mr. Mole sighed and lowered his head. “My eyes are sensitive to light. I am blind. I can only hide in dark places.”

“But I used to see you during the day…”

“Yes, I really want to walk under the sky. But every time I go out, I can only wear sunglasses, hide under a black umbrella, and try my best to avoid the sky! Only in the dark night and this kind of weather can I be uncovered Take a look at the sky!”

The frog was stunned! No wonder Mr. Mole didn’t go out for many days, because the black umbrella that blocked the light was gone.

Early the next morning, the little black umbrella that disappeared miraculously returned to Mr. Mole’s door.

Mr. Mole can go out again under the little black umbrella. When the residents saw him, they all greeted him from a distance: “Mr. Mole, how are you!”

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